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Remission on penalties

The intention is to have a fair and equitable approach to penalties. Penalties are a method of encouraging payment on time, not a source of revenue.

Conditions and criteria

If you believe that your circumstance met these special exceptions, contact us to discuss the possibility of a remission of penalty. A remission is not guaranteed by these criteria, and each case will be judged on a case-by-case basis.

Residential, Businesses (Commercial), Farmland and Lifestyle

Only the person entered as the ratepayer, or their authorised agent, may make an application for remission of penalties of the rating unit that is the subject of the application.

We will consider, on a case by case basis, all applications received that meet one or more of the criteria described below.

  • Humanitarian grounds.
  • Address problems that resulted in the rate account going to the wrong address.
  • You did not receive an account.
  • We made a mistake.
  • Problem caused by previous owners not paying rates in full before a property sale is completed.
  • If you have a good previous history and are paying the rate account within 10 days of the penalty date, or as soon as you reasonably can and have some plausible excuse for tardiness.

Business (commercial), farmland and utility

In general, businesses are expected to be 'businesslike' and to be organised enough to pay their rates on time. Humanitarian grounds will only be applicable to smaller businesses where there is a specific person involved.

Agreement ratepayers

Penalties will not be applied if you have entered into a Payplan agreement or another repayment agreement and you make the regular rate payments that were agreed to.Payment in full by second instalment date.

Where you haven't paid the first instalment by the penalty date of that instalment, but have paid the total rates and charges by the second instalment date, any late payment penalties on the first instalment will be remitted.

Penalties for ratepayers paying by telebanking

Should you pay late when paying by telebanking and your rates account incurs a penalty, it is unlikely we will grant a remission of the penalty. In order to avoid penalties being applied, we suggest you pay by direct debit.

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