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This page contain information you need to know when you do your shopping.

Can you bargain or barter here?

Bargaining is not usual in most retail shops. However, when making an expensive purchase, it is acceptable to ask for a discount if you are paying cash. This will usually be about 10% off the asking price, but may be refused or declined at the retailer's discretion.

Where can I buy food?

Supermarkets selling food and other household items are found in the central city, South Dunedin, and several suburbs. The supermarkets operating in Dunedin are: Countdown, Fresh Choice, New World, Pak N Save and Woolworths

There are several stores in the city which stock food from different cultures, such as Asian foodstuffs.

Dunedin also has New Zealand's largest outdoor food market, the Otago Farmers' Market, held to in the northern carpark at the Dunedin Railway Station. It runs from 8am until 1pm every Saturday morning. The Otago Farmers' Market website can be found below in the related information section.

What measuring system is used in New Zealand?

New Zealand uses the metric system for all weights and measures. A metric conversion calculator is linked in the related information section below.

What shoe sizes and dress sizes are used in New Zealand?

We use the same shoe sizes here as in the United Kingdom.

What are Dunedin's main retail areas?

Dunedin's main street, George St, contains a wide variety of shops. Other shopping areas include South Dunedin, our satellite centres such as Mosgiel, Port Chalmers, and Waikouaiti, and the large scale shopping areas on State Highway 1 between the central city and South Dunedin.

Where can I buy second-hand goods?

All sorts of goods can be purchased second-hand in Dunedin. There are many second-hand stores. There are also rental agencies which will rent you whiteware and appliances.

Second-hand goods can also be bought online, at websites such as Trademe, linked below in the related information area, or at private sales called garage or boot sales which are advertised in the local newspaper.

Where can I find cars for sale?

Although there are car dealers dotted all over Dunedin, there are two main areas for car shopping. They are: Andersons Bay Rd, Kaikorai Valley Rd

What are my rights when making purchases?

  • The Consumer Guarantees Act sets out guarantees that goods and services must meet when sold by a retailer or service person.
  • The Act gives you rights when you buy faulty goods and ensures you have rights when work you have paid for (e.g. around your home) is not done properly.
  • If you have a problem, you should first contact the retailer or service person, either by visiting them or by writing to them.
  • If the issue can not be resolved by yourselves, and the amount of money in question is less than $7500 (or $12,000 if both parties agree), you are entitled to take your conflict to the Disputes Tribunal, by lodging a claim form at the Dunedin District Court, Stuart St.
  • If the dispute involves a larger amount of money, you are recommended to involve your lawyer.

The Minstry of Economic Development has more information on your rights as a consumer. Their website can be found below in the related information section.

What's the policy in Dunedin on tipping?

Tipping is not compulsory in New Zealand but is always a choice when service has been exceptional. Many cafes have a tip jar on the counter.

Where to buy alcohol?

All forms of alcohol are available in Dunedin in specialist liquor outlets, and can be sold to people 18 years and older. Wine and beer are available from supermarkets.

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