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Dunedin City Council – Kaunihera-a-rohe o Otepoti

Transport is integral to life. Roads, rail, footpaths, cycleways, and the public transport system all enable Dunedin’s residents and visitors to access the goods and services they depend upon, as well as the recreational, cultural and social opportunities that make Dunedin a great place to live. Transport connections to the wider Otago region, the rest of New Zealand and the world, are also critical to the exporting and importing that supports the economic wellbeing of the city and life in general.

It is important to remember however, that the transport system is not an end in itself. Rather it exists solely to support the movement of people and goods in order that people can enjoy the way of life and the wellbeing that they value. The identification of these values, and how to best provide for them, is at the heart of developing a strategy to guide transport priorities and investment.

Developing this Integrated Transport Strategy for Dunedin has involved a three-fold process:

  1. Identifying the key challenges facing, and associated with, transport in Dunedin
  2. Agreeing on a vision and objectives for the kind of transport system that is desired for Dunedin in the long-term
  3. Identifying the necessary range of priorities, actions and timeframes that will move Dunedin’s transport system toward achieving the vision.

This has required background research to properly understand the current challenges associated with transport in Dunedin and challenges expected to grow in the future. It has also drawn on the wider vision and priorities for Dunedin that the DCC has already adopted through documents such as the Spatial Plan, Economic Development Strategy and Social Wellbeing Strategy. So, while this Strategy is focused specifically on transport, it is consistent with, and supports, a much broader set of priorities for the future of Dunedin.

Most importantly, the process has involved a conversation with the community. This has been a conversation to understand the things people value in a transport system, the sort of city that people want Dunedin to be and the sort of lifestyle people value (or want to achieve) within that. This then enables the identification of the sort of transport system that will best support those community aspirations.

The Integrated Transport Strategy is presented in the following sections:

Section 1

Section 1 gives an overview of the strategic policy context which guides the direction of this Strategy

Section 2

Section 2 provides an analysis of the most significant transport challenges facing, or likely to face, Dunedin over the 30-year term of this Strategy

Section 3

Section 3 summarises the previous work that has informed the development of the Strategy

Section 4-8

Sections 4 to 8 present the Council’s vision for the type of transport system this Strategy is intended to deliver, as well as the key ‘Areas of Focus’ the DCC will prioritise in order to achieve that vision

Section 9

Section 9 outlines how the Strategy will be implemented, including a range of strategic approaches and possible projects identified as high priorities in order for this Strategy to be successful, as well as an indicative 10-year plan of when these projects might be progressed.

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