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Dunedin City Council – Kaunihera-a-rohe o Otepoti

Talk to us if you need vehicle access to your property, want to build a new driveway or pedestrian access or alter your existing vehicle entrance.

Vehicle crossing applications are assessed under the Local Government Act 1974, Dunedin City Council Roading Bylaw and the Dunedin City District Plan.

The applicant is responsible for ensuring applications comply with these documents.

Vehicle crossing applications are assessed under the Local Government Act 1974 (link to external website, new window), Dunedin City Council Roading Bylaw, the Dunedin City District Plan and the Second Generation District Plan

What is a vehicle crossing?

Vehicle crossing means the purpose-built drive constructed to take vehicles from the road to an adjacent property and can include all or some of the following parts

  • A crossing across the kerb and channel line or water table.
  • A crossing across the footpath.
  • An on-street drive across all other parts of the road between the carriageway and the property boundary.

Diagram of a vehicle crossing

Diagram of a vehicle crossing

New vehicle crossings

If you want to build a new vehicle crossing or alter your existing vehicle crossing, please fill in an application form. We deal with each driveway/vehicle crossing request on a case-by-case basis as each situation is unique. You will need written approval from us before beginning work.

We have specifications for the construction of vehicle entrances. To make sure the work meets our specifications, the work must be carried out by a DCC-approved contractor.

Why must I get approval?

The Local Government Act 1974 (s335) says crossings must be properly constructed. The standard is set out by the DCC. Vehicles crossings that don’t meet this standard may need to be removed or altered to the satisfaction of the DCC.

Additional requirements

Before making an application, refer to the operative district plan, local government act and roading bylaw for information on your responsibilities as the property owner.

Aspects of your development may also require consultation with the building services or planning departments.

More detailed plans may also be required.

What is the process?

  • We’ll assess your application and visit the site. You’ll be contacted if we need more information
  • We’ll send a letter approving your vehicle crossing
  • You can engage your chosen approved contractor
  • The contractor must then apply for a Corridor Access Request for permission to work in the road corridor and submit a Traffic Management Plan (TMP) before beginning work
  • The contractor will construct the vehicle crossing to meet the construction requirements in the approval letter
  • Upon completion, the contractor will notify the DCC and we will inspect the vehicle crossing.

Approved contractors for vehicle crossings

When working on public roads, worksites must be managed in a way that keeps the public safe. These contractors can work on vehicle entrances.

ContractorContact personContact number

Alans Contracting Limited

Alan Stout

021 2676639

Asphalt & Cobblestone Services

Greg Dickson

478 0755

0274 356 389

Asphalt Services Ltd

Daniel Gabbott

477 2825

0274 327 631

Cargill Contracting Ltd

George Terry

027 224 0311

Clearwater Civil Ltd

Brad Clearwater

027 655 7076

Fulton Hogan Ltd

Grant Scoullar


George Ellis Contracting Limited

Blair Ellis

03 488 3499

Hall Brothers Transport

Nic McEwan

477 1141

027 630 1607

K.J. Bailey

David Bailey

0800 50 35 35

K & B Contractors Ltd.

Brent Reid

489 5343

0274 329 153

Mason Excavations Ltd.


Mike Mason

487 7760

0274 377 255

Nash & Ross Ltd.

Steve Ross

487 6578

0274 544 681

Paul McDonald

Paul McDonald

027 5667724

Q C Contracting Ltd.

Mark Lamb

027 434 1505

Southroads Ltd.

Troy Dennison

484 7210

Taieri Excavation & Drainage

Robert Stones

489 7797

Whitestone Contracting Limited

Murray Troon

021 659 753

X Factor Kerbing and Asphalt Ltd

Richard Walker

464 0884

027 327 9425

Approved contractors must be used because:

  • They know how to avoid underground services.
  • They meet the DCC health and safety standard requirements and carry public liability insurance.
  • They can construct vehicle crossings while locating and mitigating the risk of damage to utility services.

Issues with existing driveways

If you think something is wrong with your vehicle entrance, please contact us, or submit a Fix it form in the related information section.

Issues could include:

  • The vehicle crossing is in poor condition.
  • The culvert pipe is blocked.
  • Your vehicle is scraping on the ground when using the vehicle crossing.

Please contact us if you are experiencing any of the above issues and we can discuss it with you.

Request for ‘no stopping’ lines at driveways

The DCC does not mark ‘no stopping’ lines at driveways because it is illegal to park across or within one metre of a driveway.

If your driveway is obstructed by an illegally parked vehicle, please phone us on 03 477 4000.

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