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Residents' Parking Scheme

This page provides information about the Dunedin Resident's Parking Permit, how to apply and the associated costs.

The Residents’ Parking Scheme Terms and Conditions are being updated and all current permit holders will be notified of any changes. The new application form for 2019 permits will be available on the website soon.

Resident parking permits are allocated on a first-come first-served basis, at a maximum rate of one permit per residential unit.  All permits are available to be re-allocated each year.  There is no over allocation of spaces.

Conditions of Residents Parking Permits

An applicant must:

  • Reside in the Inner City Residential Zone of the proposed Dunedin City Second Generation District Plan.( notified Sept 2015 )
  • Live in a lawfully established ‘Residential Unit’¹
  • Own the Motor Vehicle² to which the permit will apply (see below for proof of ownership information requirements).
  • Have no off-street parking spaces (includes garages, driveways and carports).
  • If there is more than one residential unit on a site, parking is calculated per residential unit e.g. If there are three residential units and two off-street parking spaces on a site, the three residential units are eligible for one resident parking permit.

¹ ‘Residential unit’ means any building, or part of building, that is capable of being used as a self-contained residence with sleeping, cooking, bathing, and toilet facilities.
² Motor Vehicle must be within the standard vehicle dimensions set in the Dunedin Second Generation District Plan (no larger than 4.9m x 1.77).

Residents Parking Permits

  • Are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another individual or vehicle.
  • Do not guarantee a parking space.
  • Do not provide you with an exemption from parking statute or bylaws.
  • Do not authorise you to arrange for other vehicles to be towed.
  • Are not to be used for business purposes.
  • Are only valid in the residential parking area(s) specified.
  • Motor vehicles must be registered, licensed and warranted, a permit does not exempt you from that responsibility.
  • We may carry out a site inspection and investigation before approving an application. We may also consult with other DCC departments to verify any information you have provided.

Additional Permits

A second permit may be issued at the discretion of the Transport Strategy Manager for applicants who hold a CCS mobility parking permit.

Increasing Residents Parking Spaces

In streets that have existing residents parking spaces, new spaces will be considered on application.  Any new space created will be beside existing spaces. In streets that do not have any residents parking spaces, new spaces may be created when an applicant can demonstrate a clear need.  Any new spaces that are created will be grouped together in a suitable location. There is no guarantee that new spaces will be located immediately outside the applicant’s address or on the same side of the street as the applicant’s residence.

The Council’s Traffic and Bylaw Committee must approve new spaces before they are marked on the street.  The Committee meets quarterly. Parking changes, including new restrictions, must be approved by Council resolution. It may take up to four months for a new residents parking space to be created.

Replacement Permits

If a new permit is required because a vehicle has been sold or disposed of, a replacement permit will be issued at a cost of $10.00. The old permit (or even part of the old permit) must be presented to the DCC Customer Services Agency. Replacement permits will be processed, an invoice and the permit will be posted to the applicant’s address.

How to apply

You need to fill out an application form, supply proof of residency and proof of vehicle ownership. If the vehicle does not belong to you, a letter must be provided from the registered owner allowing you use of the vehicle.

When you have your permit

Permits are to be displayed on the rear window in the bottom right corner.

A vehicle may not park in a residential parking area if a permit is not displayed or is incorrectly displayed. We may revoke your permit if you contravene the conditions of use or are found to have supplied false information. You also need to remember to follow all parking regulations and bylaws.

How long does the permit last for?

Permits are valid for a maximum of 12 months between 1st December and 30th November. Applications are processed for each new permit year from 1st October.  All permits expire on 30th November each calendar year. Applications must re-apply each year for a new permit. There are no automatic renewals.

Residents Parking Fees

You need to pay the fee within 10 working days of notification that your application has been successful. Do not send the fee with your application. If not paid within this time, the application process will start again.

Residents’ Parking
Replacement Permit $10.00
Residents’ parking permit (annually) $199.00
Pro Rata Fees (Month of Application )
January $182.00
February $166.00
March $149.00
April $133.00
May $115.00
June $100.00
July $83.00
August $67.00
September $50.00
October $232.00
November $215.00
December $199.00

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