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Building plan.

Submit building applications online

Applications for Building Consents (BC), Project Information Memorandums (PIM) and Amended Building Consents can be submitted online.

Beginning your application

Please note, building consent and project information memorandum applications must be submitted separately. The Dunedin City Council is unable to apply for a project information memorandum on your behalf.

Before you can begin your application you will need to register. Guidance is available in the related information area. An email will be sent to you confirming when your account is ready to be used.

Please make sure you have the contact details particular to the individuals associated with the application (e.g. applicant, agent, debtor), before you start the lodgement process.

Applications for a code compliance certificate, certificate of acceptance and certificates for public use are currently not able to be submitted online.

Making an application for an amendment or minor variation

Information to assist you with determining whether the change to a building consent is a minor variation or an amendment can be found on Making changes to a building consent (new window)

Applications for an amendment to the building consent can be made via DCC Online Services.

Minor variation applications should not be submitted via DCC Online Services. However, if you wish to submit it electronically, please email the application to Please make sure a completed Minor variation application form accompanies the application. The form can be found on Forms and guidance (new window)

Submitting the application

Tip: We recommend using Google Chrome as your web browser when lodging applications online.

The online form is the statutory building consent and project information application form (Form 2). Please do not complete and submit an additional application form.

For your online application you will need to submit the following (if applicable):

  • Completed Check Sheet (mandatory)
  • Plans (mandatory)
  • Specifications (mandatory)
  • Certificate of Title
  • Evidence of ownership
  • Specified Systems (form SBCG27)
  • Certificate of Design Work (mandatory if restricted building work)
  • Statutory Declaration as to Owner Builder Status (where an owner builder exemption applies)
  • Alternative Solutions
  • Waiver/Modification
  • Geotechnical Report
  • Any other supporting documentation.

Good quality plans drawn to scale and clearly showing existing and proposed work are required as part of your application.

We recommend that you engage a professional to help with the design work, drawings and specifications for your project.

If you are planning on doing any solar work, earthquake strengthening, installing a solid fuel burner or septic tank as part of a larger project do not forget to include these in the description of work.

Document Format

All documents need to be submitted in pdf format. If you are unable to save as a pdf from the software you are using, try searching Google, there are many cheap or free pdf printing tools that can be downloaded to assist you.

Please do not lock or password protect your pdf files. Zipped files will not be accepted.

Each pdf file must be appropriately named with the street address of the project included, for example:

  • 5 Brown St – Specifications appendix
  • 5 Brown St – Plans
  • 5 Brown St – Check Sheet
  • 5 Brown St – Producer statements
  • 5 Brown St – Certificate of Design Work
  • 5 Brown St – Certificate for Public Use Application.

We recommend grouping bracing schedules, risk matrixes, truss designs, H1 compliance and product specifications etc in with the specifications appendix.


There is a 10 minute time out period when submitting your application. We suggest having all the required details and documents organised before you begin the online process.If you are timed out click the screen to activate a further 10 minute time period.

You do not have to do your application in one session. You can save the application, sign out and log back in to finish it later. When you log back in click the Applications menu then select Edit Application from the drop down list.

Please do not save DCC forms to your computer. The most up to date forms need to be used each time you do an application and can be found on the Building Services Forms and Guidance page in the related information area.

If applying for both a PIM and BC associated documents only need to be attached with the BC application.

  • Trouble shooting

    If you are having trouble submitting your application or if your document size exceeds 250Mb and you are having issues uploading, please contact Building Services on 03 477 4000 - 8am - 5:30pm, Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm weekends.

  • Online application process

    Once you submit your application you will be sent an email confirming it has been received. A pre-acceptance document and technical check of the submitted documents is performed to make sure you have supplied the correct information.

    The application will not be accepted if the documentation you submitted is incomplete. The contact person will be notified by email with an explanation of the reasons why the application cannot be accepted. Failure to respond in the specified timeframe will mean we cannot accept the application and the  original documents will not be returned.

    Once your application has been accepted it will be allocated for processing.

  • Electronic processing

    The processing officer will check the documents for compliance and will notify the nominated contact person if further information is required for us to process your application.

  • Application enquiries and/or responding to requests for more information

    If you are a registered online user and associated with an application by being nominated as the applicant, the owner, the agent, the contact or the debtor you are able to view the progress of your application or respond to further information requests from the DCC.

    Click on the applicable enquiry option button, Sign In and find your application using the available search options. Clicking the application number allows you to view the details or submit further information via the further info button.

    All documents need to be in pdf format and a description given.

  • Payment and contact persons

    Payment is required before the consent documents will be released and all deposits and charges will be billed to the nominated debtor.

    The issued documents will be sent to the contact person nominated on the application.It is important to advise Building Services if there is a change to the debtor or contact person.

  • Issued documents

    Once your application has been approved by the DCC and payment has been received, an email will be sent to the contact person advising the documents can be downloaded using the DCC's fileshare system.

    It is important to have all approved documentation on-site for the inspector to refer to during the inspection. This includes, the building consent (Form 5) and project information memorandum, approved amendments, and any attachments, such as the specified system list and site inspection record. Building consent documentation issued to you electronically must be printed and available on-site. An inspection will not proceed if these are not available.

  • Start your application:

Contact us

Building Services on 03 477 4000, 8.30am - 5pm, Monday to Friday or email

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