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Dunedin City Council – Kaunihera-a-rohe o Otepoti
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Stronger Communities

The Stronger Communities pathway recognises that self-led community initiatives can deliver many social wellbeing gains. The Council will focus on what it can do to assist community building initiatives, which may include involvement at a range of different levels, such as provision of information, advice, facilitation, partnership or funding.

Stronger Communities ties in with a place-based approach to development, where planning initiatives occur at a localised level and integrate a range of co-ordinated improvements (e.g. planning rule changes, physical works, social programmes, cultural events) which involve and engage members of the surrounding community.

A number of the current community building examples in Dunedin are based around environmental and sustainability programmes. These initiatives provide environmental wellbeing benefits in addition to social wellbeing; while also frequently providing economic and cultural benefits. They align well with the Spatial Plan promotion of sustainable, resilient and self-sufficient communities.

The main actions identified for this pathway are as follows:

  • formation of Stronger Communities pathway team
  • scoping and needs analysis, development of detailed action plan
  • review of community funding delivery and effectiveness
  • identifying information and resource gaps for community builders, e.g. training & skills, forums, mentors, linking into national initiatives
  • co-ordination/sponsorship of best practice information kit for community builders
  • sponsorship/facilitation of local leadership programmes/networks
  • work with Manaakitanga team to identify community safety initiatives
  • ensure integration of social wellbeing aspects across all Council action plans

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