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Dog registration information

All dogs must be registered by 31 July each year or when it reaches three months of age.

New registration

To register a new dog, you will need to complete a Dog Registration Application form by one of two methods:

  • Phone us Monday-Friday 8am - 6pm, Saturday-Sunday 9am- 5pm. We will take your details and complete the application form with you over the phone. An account for the registration fee will be forwarded to you in the post.
  • Visit us and complete the application form. We can help you through this and you can pay your registration fee at the same time.

Working Dogs Registration

A working dog as defined in the Dog Control Act 1996.

In order to determine that a dog is kept solely and principally for the purpose of herding and driving stock, the Dunedin City Council has to be satisfied that a dog is a working dog.

By making an application for your dog to be registered as a working dog, you consent to an Animal Control Officer visiting your property to view your dog working if required. Their decision may affect the (re)registration of your dog in the following year.

Renewing registration

Once your new dog is registered, you will be required to update its registration on a yearly basis during the month of July.

A notice and invoice will be are sent out prior to the registration period as a reminder that the next annual registration is due.

Online dog re-registration is available, see 'related information' in the right hand column.

Changing your details

If your or your dog's details have changed, please let us know as soon as possible. A change may include:

  • Change of owner of the dog
  • Change of address of the dog (either with the same owner or new owner) - Recent desexing
  • Additional distinguishing marks such as tattoos and scars
  • The death or loss of a dog

Failing to register your dog

Keeping an unregistered dog is an offence against the Dog Control Act 1996.

Failing to register your dog before or during the month of July will result in a penalty fee being added to its annual fee. Any three-month-old pup not registered within 30 days will also result in a penalty fee.

The infringement fee for this offence is fixed at $300.00 plus the registration fee.

Refund of registration

If your dog dies during the registered year, the unused portion of the fee you paid may be refunded. All applications for refunds must be in writing. To apply for your refund come into the Customer Services Agency and complete a Registration Refund Form.

Refunds are only available from the date of application, not from the date your dog died. You must return the registration tag or disc if requested. We will not grant refunds in respect to dogs that have been lost, stolen or have changed owners or districts within New Zealand or if the dog is being relocated overseas.

What do you get for your registration?

We provide a 24 hour a day, seven days a week service including:

  • Investigation of complaints
  • Impounding and care of wandering dogs
  • An education programme aimed at the general public
  • Provision of exercise areas

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