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Dog ownership records

All dogs are required to be registered in accordance with the Dog Control Act 1996. All dogs must be registered by 31 July each year or when it reaches three months of age.

What information we hold

We hold and maintain both hard copy and electronic records on every property housing a dog in Dunedin. These notes are kept indefinitely and build an accurate and current history. They may include:

  • Officer's comments
  • Complaint details
  • Written warnings
  • Formal notices

Why do we hold the records

Before we visit any property, we check all our records. This means that we know whether there is an aggressive dog on the property, so we can take any precautions.

The records may also be used as evidence in the event of legal action being taken against a dog owner. This occurs particularly when there is a need to show on-going problems to prove our case.

Confidentiality and access

All the information contained within the files is held in the strictest of confidence with access only granted to relevant DCC staff.

You may apply to view any Animal Services records held about your dog. Requests should be made under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act and must be in writing. We have 20 working days to respond to your request. There may be a charge to cover any substantial staff costs and disbursements.

Under the Privacy Act, complainants' names and correspondence will not be supplied. We can provide you with details of the nature and time of any complaint.

Accessing your ownership details

For more information or to apply to see your records please contact the Customer Services Agency.

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