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Aqua fitness at Moana Pool

Aqua Fitness is a 45-minute water based group fitness class performed either in the shallow water or deep-water.

Aqua Fitness classes are based on two properties: using the buoyancy of the water to support body weight (and lessen impact) and using movement through the water to create a resistance against that movement. Aqua Fitness provides an environment that people can participate in and gain fitness and health benefits.

Our Aqua Fitness classes cater for all fitness abilities and skill levels. There are no classes specifically for pregnant women, however many of the classes are appropriate (please speak to an instructor before class).

Aqua Light

This is a shallow water class designed for the more mature client (60+), those going through injury rehabilitation or pregnancy. It aims to increase general mobility and joint range of motion as well as cardiovascular fitness. Aqua Light is an opportunity to exercise in a social and motivating setting where fun and exercise are combined.

Aqua Fit

This class targets cardiovascular fitness and aspects of strength training through using full body movements and the resistance of moving your body in water. This shallow water class is upbeat and high energy, however is suited to all fitness and skills levels as participants can moderate their own work-rates. A great way to perform powerful movements minus the impact due to the supportive nature of water.

Gymstick H2O

A shallow water class based around the use of a Gymstick and performing full body movements in the water. It focuses on adding resistance through the GymStick bungy band system, and an interval training system called ‘Trios’ (building a full body movement through combining a lower and upper body movement). Gymstick H2O is great for anyone who wants to build cardiovascular fitness, functional strength and to challenge their current fitness level.

Aqua Sport

A class set in the deep-water, participants use aqua buoyancy belts to aid floatation. Aqua Sport is a great cross training option using a variety of training methods from interval training to movement repeats, and using aqua based equipment such as noodles and buoyancy dumbbells to increase intensity and resistance. Aqua Sport is a great option for those wanting to avoid high impact exercise modes but want to maintain intensity and resistance in their exercise routine.

Aqua Fitness Timetable from Monday 4 February 2019









Gym-Stick H2O (shallow water)

Aqua Sport (deep water)

Aqua Fit (shallow water) with Megan



Aqua LIGHT (shallow water) with Megan




Aqua Sport (deep water) with Fiona



Aqua LIGHT (shallow water) with Cindy



Aqua Sport (deep water) with Fiona


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