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Dunedin City Council – Kaunihera-a-rohe o Otepoti

Goal 3: Dunedin people care for the natural world


We are the guardians of the environment and we are responsible for looking after it, for our generation and generations after us. We will foster understanding and connections between people and nature. Dunedin is a place where people join together to look after, respect and enjoy the natural environment..


  • Enjoy, connect to, and celebrate the natural world
  • Increase understanding of the natural world
  • Champion the natural world

How we’ll achieve this


  • honour and support the kaitiaki role of Kāi Tahu
  • improve access to our special places and spaces
  • promote active learning about Dunedin’s natural environments
  • advocate and collaborate for better environmental outcomes
  • monitor environmental changes and environmental wellbeing
  • support conservation volunteering efforts and initiatives
  • support a diverse range of opportunities for volunteers to engage with the environment

Initial actions

Wildlife Best Practice

  • Develop and use best practice guidelines for managing wildlife sites and nearby adjacent areas in a consistent way to get better outcomes when protecting wildlife.

City Know-how

  • Take a city approach to public education and awareness-raising initiatives for topics such as protecting penguins on beaches, making use of existing education initiatives.

Volunteer Conservation

  • Increase volunteer opportunities by communicating and prioritising conservation projects and supporting communities to deliver projects; develop a way to track the volunteer conservation contribution and outcomes.

Visitor Management

  • Develop and implement a visitors' management plan to protect Dunedin’s special places.

Indicators of change

  • Percentage of Dunedin people surveyed through the Residents’ Opinion Survey and/or Quality of Life Survey who feel connected to the natural world
  • Percentage of Dunedin people surveyed through the Residents’ Opinion Survey and/or Quality of Life Survey who have opportunities to engage with the natural world
  • Volunteer conservation contribution and outcomes.

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