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Dunedin City Council – Kaunihera-a-rohe o Otepoti

We do not pre-sell or reserve burial plots. Funeral directors will make all the necessary arrangements for a burial on your behalf.

Hours for burials

Burials can be held:

  • 9am - 4pm Monday - Friday
  • 9am - 1pm Saturdays.

There are no burials on public holidays.

Under special circumstances, if a burial is requested outside these hours, a funeral director will need to make arrangements with the burial contractor who will charge an extra fee.

Floral tributes

Floral tributes placed on the grave will be removed ten days after a burial has taken place. For purposes of maintenance, safety and respect of others, please refrain from placing floral tributes, plants, ornaments or containers including glass on or in the lawn.

Burial Rights

Burial Rights give permission to be interred in a plot. It does not give ownership of the land, just the right to use a plot.

If you have previously purchased the Burial Rights to a burial plot but no burial has taken place, you may not sell or transfer ownership of it to a third party, but you can sell it back to us. We will pay the original purchase price on return of the original Burial Rights certificate.

Funeral directors will arrange for the purchase of Burial Rights for a burial plot. There are fees associated with this.

Burial plots for first interments are available in the following cemeteries:

  • Allanton (Greytown)
  • Broad Bay
  • Dunedin
  • Green Park
  • Hindon
  • Macandrew Bay
  • Middlemarch
  • Otokia
  • Port Chalmers (New)
  • Portobello
  • Purakaunui
  • Waikouaiti (Hawksbury)
  • Waitati (Blueskin)

Burial Rights to plots can only be bought at the time arrangements are being made for an interment. The named purchaser at the time of the first burial may also buy the neighbouring plot to form a double or family plot. Permission of the Burial Rights owner must be sought for an additional burial to take place in any existing plot. If the owner is deceased, then you will need to apply for an ‘Authority to Inter in Existing Plot’.

Child's Burial Plot

These are available for the burial of children under 10 years of age. Under special circumstances ashes of parents and siblings can also be interred. If a headstone is erected for the child, only a Memorial Plaque can be placed at the base of the headstone for ash interments of parents and siblings.

These plots are available in the following cemeteries:

  • Green Park
  • Dunedin
  • East Taieri cemeteries.

If you wish to inter the ashes, you must get permission from the Burial Right owner. When you have notified us that you wish to inter the ashes, and have paid the fees, we will prepare the plot for you.

Maintenance of graves

We maintain the cemeteries' grass areas and ornamental plantings. Graves will be levelled if undue sinkage has occurred after a burial. Sinkage can be reported to the Dunedin Crematorium Office and we will level the grave as soon as possible. Phone 03 477 4000.

We do not maintain any structures and/or headstones on a grave. When a burial takes place in a concrete covered grave, only the Interment Contractor or an approved Monumental Mason may break the concrete covering.

It is then the family’s responsibility to reinstate the concrete cover after the burial.

We do not supply or maintain white cross grave-markers. These may be obtained from a funeral director if required.

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