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Dunedin City Council – Kaunihera-a-rohe o Otepoti

Dunedin has playground(s) in every community area, providing play opportunities with play equipment that caters to a range of abilities and interests; open space for running, kicking a ball or free play; and in some playgrounds special features such as learn to ride bike area, tennis courts, skate ramps.

For more information on the playgrounds around Dunedin including where to find them and information on our annual Playground Improvement Project explore this site.

Playgrounds in Dunedin

There is a list and map, of all the playgrounds in Dunedin by area. As well as these, most primary and secondary schools have play equipment in their grounds. Please note: Not all the toilets marked are open to the public all the time. Some of these toilets are in changing facilities and are locked apart from events/competitions.

Destination Playgrounds

As the Premier playground, people will travel to these parks for the play opportunities they provide. With open space play, there is a large selection of play equipment which will suit a wide range of ages and abilities.

These playgrounds also contain a number of amenities, for example, toilets, rubbish bins and drinking fountains.

Destination Playgrounds are capable of hosting large user numbers and are assisted by easy access, including paths suitable for disability access and vehicle parking.

Community Playgrounds

These playgrounds provide the community with a wider range of play equipment than their local neighbourhood playground, along with a variety of amenities.

Local Neighbourhood Playgrounds

Local Neighbourhood Playgrounds are found amongst residential homes, which are generally used by those who live within walking distance. These playgrounds provide an outdoor play area with some play equipment.

Playground Equipment

If you don't know the locations of the parks listed below, check out the maps on the Playground page to find the exact street.

A Flying Fox

  • Navy Park (South Dunedin) – old school flying fox – the only public one left!
  • Arthur Street Reserve (City Rise) – 20m long new style flying fox
  • Woodhaugh Gardens (George St) – newest flying fox in town, installed 2012

Wooden play forts

Scattered around the wider city you can find the old style play forts in;

  • Navy Park (South Dunedin)
  • Mosgiel Memorial Gardens & Playground (Mosgiel)
  • Willow Park (Mosgiel)
  • Kinmont Park (Mosgiel)
  • Seacliff Playground
  • Hocken Street Playground (Kenmure) – more for the little ones this fort
  • Middlemarch Playground

Climbing Nets

  • Mosgiel Memorial Gardens and Playground – a large two mast Spacenet combination
  • Mornington Park – a smaller Spacenet with slide


There are three community playgrounds that have courts for public to play on, these are:

  • Allanton Reserve – a tennis court with a basketball hoop at one end
  • Skerries Street Playground, Outram – two courts that are for tennis in the summer and netball in the winter (though the hoops stay up all year round), and there is a tennis practice wall here too
  • Kew Reserve – two courts, one tennis and one basketball both set up all year round.

Bike Areas

Playgrounds with flat asphalt paths/areas to ride scooters/bikes on are:

  • Marlow Park (Dinosaur Park), St Kilda has a comprehensive learn to ride bike area complete with road markings and signs.
  • Ralph Ham Park, Macandrew Bay
  • Walton Park, Fairfield
  • Mornington Park
  • Elwyn Crescent, Green Island

Bike jump areas can be found;

  • Allanton Reserve
  • Mosgiel Memorial Gardens and Playground
  • John Street Reserve, Abbotsford

Have you tried?

  • Mosgiel Memorial Gardens and Playground – One of Dunedin's two destination playgrounds Mosgiel Memorial Playground has something for everyone – sand play; fort with slides; swings; spinners; rockers and more
  • Marlow Park aka the Dinosaur Park – Dunedin's original destination playground, Marlow still holds a few of the communities' old favourites including a dinosaur slide; a shoe slide, a whale water feature and a sea serpent swing.
  • Latham Park, Portobello – with it's little tug boat, and custom built large boat with soft fall waves and view of the sea it's a great place for imaginative play.
  • St Clair Playground – close to cafes and the beach St Clair Playground tends towards preschool children with a few items for those a bit older
  • Brighton Domain – Recently improved this playground challenges those a bit older with bigger swings, a higher climbing frame (great view from here!), a group disk swing and the original big slide.
  • Delta Drive Playground, Waldronville – with the streets named after war planes what else could we do but build a spitfire plane for the park?  The to scale model (minus one wing) is a great imaginative play piece for children, and even room to sit for adults, accompanied by swings, a slide, a large rocker and climbing frame that spins this latest improved playground is something a little special.

Come along try them out and remember playgrounds are for all ages young to old so whether you're 6yrs or 76yrs – have fun!

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