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Dunedin City Council – Kaunihera-a-rohe o Otepoti
Long Term Plan 2015/16 - 2024/25.

Long Term Plan 2015/16 - 2024/25

The Long Term Plan 2015/16 – 2024/25 (LTP) was adopted by the Council on 29 June 2015.

PDF’s of the LTP as adopted by the Council, along with the independent auditors opinion are available below.

Note: The adopted LTP is now being graphic designed for final publication. A final published copy of the LTP will be posted shortly and print copies of this will be available on request from the Customer Service Agency later in July 2015. A summary of decisionmaking on submissions will also be made available shortly.

What is an LTP

The 2015/16 – 2024/25 Long Term Plan sets out the Council’s financial strategy for the next 10 years and contains information on the changes the Council plans to make to achieve this strategy, how we will measure our performance, the projects that the Council plans to carry out over the next 10 years and financial information including draft budgets, funding sources and changes to rates. The 2015/16 – 2024/25 Long Term Plan also contains the Annual Plan for the 2015/16 year with information on fees and charges for the 2015/16 year. A long term plan is a public accountability document and provides a basis for the community to assess their Council's performance.

Long Term Plan documents

  • 2015-25 DCC LTP unqualified audit opinion with EOM (PDF, 84.4 KB, new window)
  • Introduction (PDF, 615.9 KB, new window)

    Introduction to the LTP (What is an LTP, Mayoral Introductions, Members of Council and Community Boards, Map of Dunedin City, Council Committee Structure and Dunedin City Council Organisation Chart, Audit Opinion)

  • Section 1- Major issues and Strategies (PDF, 5.8 MB, new window)

    Major Issues and Strategies (Major issues for the ten year plan, results of consultation, the Council’s strategic framework, approach to sustainability, city profile, financial strategy, 30 year infrastructure strategy, Maori capacity to contribute to decisionmaking)

  • Section 2 - Group Activities (PDF, 2.7 MB, new window)

    Group Activities (describes the services provided by the Council, their contribution to community outcomes, framework for performance measurement and group financial information)

  • Section 3 - Forecast Financial Statements (PDF, 877.9 KB, new window)

    Forecast Financial Statements (financial statements, gross debt chart, accounting policies, 10 year capital expenditureprogramme, prospective information, significant forecasting assumptions, inflation adjusters, reserve funds, long term plan disclosure statement)

  • Section 4 - Funding Impact Statement (PDF, 1.1 MB, new window)

    Funding Impact Statement and Revenue and Financing Policy (Summary of changes to the rating method, council funding impact statement, additional information, rating unit projections, funding principles, Revenue and Financing Policy 2015, Remission and Postponement policies)

  • Section 5 - Other Policies (PDF, 4.2 MB, new window)

    Other Policies (Treasury Risk Management Policy, Development Contributions Policy, Significance and Engagement Policy)

  • Section 6 - Council Controlled Organisations (PDF, 358.3 KB, new window)

    Council Controlled Organisations (Information about companies owned by the council that manage facilities or assets and/or deliver significant services for the Council)

  • Section 7 - General (PDF, 602.3 KB, new window)

    General (Schedule of fees and charges, information about council grants and events funding)

  • Schedule of Fees and Charges
  • Agenda, reports and minutes 18 to 22 May 2015
  • Draft LTP Consultation material
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