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Dunedin City Council – Kaunihera-a-rohe o Otepoti
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What we want to achieve

Objectives People Are Active
  • More of our communities are living active lives by participating in organised and informal recreation, sport and physical activity
  • More people choose to enjoy our easily accessible sport, recreation and outdoor activities and events
  • More of our communities are choosing to be involved in parks and recreation through volunteering
  • Affordable and accessible opportunities to be active
  • More active children and young people
  • More active older people
  • Increasing awareness of opportunities and places to be active
What we will achieve
  • Providing more low-cost options for family friendly recreation opportunities
  • Encouraging recreation and physical activity opportunities that appeal to a diverse range of communities including older adults and people with disabilities
  • Encouraging initiatives that appeal to children and young people
  • Encouraging programmes that promote healthy and active lifestyles
  • Partnering with others to coordinate, promote and enable the community to contribute to open space and recreation activities
  • Integrating recreational facilities and open spaces with the outcomes of the Spatial Plan and Transport Strategy
  • Partnering with others to enhance and promote Dunedin’s outdoor recreation experiences
Objectives Open Spaces And Facilities Support Dunedins          Communities To Thrive
  • Our parks and facilities meet the changing needs of our communities
  • Our parks and facilities are increasingly used
  • Our parks, open spaces and facilities contribute to improving people’s health and wellbeing
  • A range of accessible environments that encourage play, activity and informal recreation
  • Safe and well-connected parks and open spaces
  • A fit-for-purpose network of facilities
  • Partnerships to develop, maintain and enhance parks and facilities
  • Ownership and connection to parks and facilities by our communities
What we will achieve
  • Developing and improving accessibility of parks, open spaces, facilities, harbours and beaches to encourage physical activity as a part of everyday life
  • Providing a range of well-designed, safe parks and open spaces that can be accessed by a range of transport modes
  • Providing appropriate, quality, fit-for-purpose open space, sport and recreation facilities at regional, sub-regional and local levels
  • Maintaining and investing in major event infrastructure to attract sporting events that bring domestic and international participants and visitors to Dunedin
  • Facilitating partnerships to make the most of local places and spaces
  • Supporting and celebrating the contributions community groups and volunteers make to local places and spaces
Objectives Our          Parks, Natural Landscapes, Flora And Fauna Are Treasured By The Community
  • Our ecosystems and biodiversity are understood, protected and restored
  • Our parks and landscapes bring people together to celebrate our culture and heritage
  • People experience and enjoy Dunedin’s parks and open spaces, while also respecting their special and unique qualities
  • Protecting and caring for our special places
  • Telling our stories and histories in our parks and landscapes
  • Managing parks, landscapes, flora and fauna to adapt to projected climate change impacts
  • Planting appropriate vegetation in parks and open spaces
What we will achieve
  • Restoring and enhancing our native biodiversity, ecosystems and habitats
  • Restoring and enhancing our coastline and waterways
  • Developing a network of parks and open spaces that maintains wilderness areas for natural habitats
  • Encouraging events and activities that align to the park’s and landscape’s function and values
  • Celebrating our unique cultural, natural and built heritage
  • Understanding how our environments and inhabitants will be affected in the future and developing action plans for how we manage them
  • Caring for and improving native vegetation and habitats through weed and pest management, planting programmes and partnerships with landowners
Objectives We Work With Others
  • We have strong local and national partnerships
  • We have strong relationships with mana whenua
  • We support and celebrate our sporting talent and success
  • Sustainable clubs and sporting codes
  • Kāi Tahu supported in practising kaitiakitaka (guardianship)
  • Working in partnership with Māori
  • A strong and capable sport, recreation, community and volunteering sector
  • Athletes on the talent development pathway and regional sporting success
What we will achieve
  • Strengthening and increasing the number and skills of volunteers and community groups supporting parks and recreation activities
  • Working with funding organisations to focus and leverage investment
  • Supporting iwi and hapū in the use of open space for the development of indigenous knowledge and traditional activities
  • Partnering with Kāi Tahu to co-manage reserve land vested in mana whenua
  • Developing the capability of sports and recreation, community and volunteering organisations and groups
  • Increasing the focus on coach and official development and building key strategic partnerships to support athlete and coach development
  • Supporting training hubs and shared training facilities
  • Providing opportunities to recognise and promote talent and success
  • Strengthening and increasing the number and skills of volunteers and community groups supporting parks and recreation activities

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