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Dunedin City Council – Kaunihera-a-rohe o Otepoti
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The Strategic Approach

This Strategy identifies five key ‘Areas of Focus’ which encapsulate many of the key transport challenges identified in Section 2, the vision for Dunedin’s transport outlined in Section 4, and the transport objectives listed in Section 6. A range of priorities and approaches are proposed under each of the ‘Areas of Focus’ that will guide the DCC, and its partner organisations, in working towards achieving this Strategy’s objectives and vision.

The areas of focus are:

Each Area of Focus contributes to at least three strategic objectives. Table 2 at right indicates the strategic objectives to which each area of focus contributes.

Table 2. Each Area of Focus contributes to several transport objectives. Table 2. Each Area of Focus contributes to several transport objectives.


*Transport objectives

  1. Dunedin has an integrated, affordable, responsive, effective and safe transport network for all modes
  2. Dunedin has affordable and convenient public transport.
  3. Dunedin is well connected for business, freight and visitors, including excellent connections to key gateways such as Port Otago and Dunedin International Airport.
  4. Dunedin’s transportation system provides a platform for sustainable transport choices and the city’s dependence on oil for transport is reduced.
  5. Dunedin’s transportation network provides for the efficient movement of people and goods.
  6. Dunedin’s urban form and design creates high levels of accessibility to key destinations such as healthcare, education, recreation and employment.

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