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Fast-track applications

The Resource Management Act 1991 was amended on 18 October 2017 to insert new section 87AAC to introduce a new ‘fast-track’ process for certain resource consent applications.

An application will qualify as a fast-track application if:

  • It requires a resource consent under the district plan.
  • The application is for a land use consent for a controlled activity.
  • The applicant has specified an electronic address for service (e.g. email).
  • The applicant has not opted out of the fast-track process on the application form.

If an application is submitted for more than one activity, all of the activities must meet the above criteria for the application to be fast-tracked.

In the future the Government may add new activities to the fast-track process through regulations.

An application ceases to be a fast-track application if:

  • The application is publicly notified or limited notified, or
  • A hearing is held for a non-notified application.

Fast-track applications must be processed within 10 working days, and any decision to publicly notify or limited notify must also be made within the 10 working day period.  If an application ceases to be a fast-track application, the normal timeframes in the Resource Management Act 1991 apply from the date the application was originally lodged.

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