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Dunedin City Council – Kaunihera-a-rohe o Otepoti
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Whose pipe is that?

Underground pipes across Dunedin carry wastewater (sewage), stormwater and even streams. The DCC owns and is responsible for some of these, while others are privately owned and maintained.

DCC pipes

To see where DCC pipes are located, check the water services map in the related information section.

We may need access to inspect, clean, repair or renew wastewater and stormwater pipelines on private property. You can find information about planned DCC works in the related information area.

Wastewater and stormwater laterals

A wastewater lateral is the pipeline that connects private property to the DCC sewer main. Generally, the landowner is responsible for the pipe all the way through to where it connects to the DCC main – including under roads.

You can find out more about wastewater drainage in the related information area.

Wastewater drainage diagram.

The same principle applies to stormwater laterals, which typically run from your guttering under the footpath to the kerb on the roadside. Landowners are responsible for stormwater laterals outside their property.

In some areas, the entrance to your property may run over an open drain on the roadside. In this case, there will usually be a pipe in the ditch under the driveway, and you are responsible for that pipe.

Piped watercourses

Watercourses (e.g. streams or ditches), including those that are piped, are generally the landowner’s responsibility. You can find more details about watercourses in the related information area.

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