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Dunedin City Council – Kaunihera-a-rohe o Otepoti
Traffic lights.

Street and traffic lights

The Dunedin City Council is responsible for street, traffic, and pedestrian crossing lights.

Street and pedestrian crossing lights

If you think your area needs new or additional street or pedestrian crossing lights, contact us to discuss your ideas or submit a Fix it (information on how to do this in link below). Dunedin's street lighting network has various types of lighting:

  • Normal road lighting
  • State highway lighting
  • Pedestrian crossing lights (belisha beacons)
  • Lighting in the city's parks and reserves areas
  • Various lights on private roads, right of ways, and some private properties (known as private street lighting)

The network's maintenance is contracted to Delta Utility Services Ltd. They provide a 24-hour a day, seven-days a week service to the city. If you wish to report a fault or outage on the street lighting network, contact Delta directly on 0800 433 582 or email Alternatively, contact us on 477 4000 or submit a Fix it request.

Traffic signals

General traffic signal concerns

If you notice a bulb has blown at a pedestrian crossing (green and red walk signals) around the town, contact us or submit a Fix it with the location details and we will arrange for a contractor to fix the bulb.

If you notice a traffic light bulb is out, the timing of the lights seems out of alignment, or the traffic lights are not working at all, we would like to hear about it.

The traffic signals are monitored from inside the Civic Centre, so we are usually aware of any problems, but it is still helpful to let us know.

In urgent situations (e.g. all the lights at an intersection are out), please contact us immediately. We will take the details, contact the Traffic Engineer and arrange for contractors to fix the problem.

Traffic signals and railway crossings

There are two intersections in the Dunedin area that we may not be able to fix immediately if the signals are not working, as they are on a railway crossing with barrier arms. These intersections are at:

  • Gordon Rd and Gladstone Rd, Mosgiel
  • St Andrew Street and Anzac Ave

If you think that the light is not changing or is stuck on a green light on one approach, this may have happened due to the barrier arms being brought down by Tranzrail. If the barrier arm is down, contact Tranzrail on 0800 808 400 as they will be able to advise if there is a problem with the arm or lights.

If the barrier arm is not down, contact us or submit a Fix it request.

LED street lighting trial

New generation LED street lights installed in the Vogel Street/Water Street area as part of the warehouse precinct upgrade are showing how they could give Dunedin quite a different look.

Currently the city owns 14,920 lights, which operate 4,300 hours per annum. These high pressure sodium (HPS) lamps are anywhere from 15-25 years old and are beginning to break down. Replacing them with LED only involves replacing the lamps and luminaire, or lighting head, at the top of the pole. Savings in energy and maintenance will cover the $6 million cost in five years.

LED lights, such as those being tried out in the warehouse precinct, offer a range of benefits, from reduced energy consumption and lower maintenance, to greatly reduced light spill, which will mean people on the street will see more of the night sky. They also provide better colour rendition, without the orange glow of the sodium lights.

Being a solid state light source, LED offers a degree of future proofing with the potential to install a sophisticated lighting management system that could allow us to vary the light levels, have motion activation systems or even have individual lights switch themselves on and off via advanced photo cells. There is even scope to have solar and wind powered lights.

Take a look at the before and after images below which give an indication of the extent to which LED light can change the look of the surrounding streetscape. Even better, next time you are in the area after dark, take a look for yourself.

Visit the LED street lighting trial page for more information.

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