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Pre-application consultation

If you are planning a development or a change of use of a building or piece of land, you may find a pre-application consultation very useful.

What is a pre-application consultation?

Pre-application consultation is a free, risk reducing, first step to preparing your application. It is an informal process, allowing you to meet Council staff who may be involved in processing your application. We try to give you an understanding of the planning issues that may need to be addressed and some insight into solutions.

It is designed to help people who are:

  • Unfamiliar with the planning process
  • Unsure how to address environmental planning issues

It will narrow down the issues that may part of the assessment of your application.

What are the advantages of pre-application consultation?

Pre-application consultation:

  • Helps us to understand what you are trying to achieve
  • Helps you to understand what we will need from you to achieve that
  • Provides an opportunity for us to offer practical solutions to environmental planning issues that arise with a particular proposal
  • Provides for planning issues to be sorted out early potentially reducing delays, which hopefully means it will cost you less too
  • Helps reduce the stress of going through a resource consent application process

How do I set up a pre-application consultation?

Talk to one of the staff at the Planning Enquiries Counter. They will get one of the senior planners to consider your proposal and work out which Council departments need to comment on it.

We will organise a meeting between you and Council staff. A meeting can be arranged quickly, but may not be on the same day of your first enquiry. It is better to ring and discuss a meeting beforehand.

Does it cost money?

No. The pre-application consultation is a free service.

Processing your application does though. It is charged out on a time-cost basis for notified applications and a fixed fee basis for non-notified applications. Pre-application consultation will help you develop and present your proposal. This will help reduce the time it takes us to process your application, reducing the overall costs of processing.

Who will be there?

We will arrange a meeting between you and any Council staff from other departments who are likely to comment on your application. This may include Waste and Water Services, Transportation Operations, the Economic Development Unit and City Architects. There may be occasions when we will invite a representative from other organisations to meet with you.

At the meeting, a Planning staff member, who will process your consent, may be part of the pre-application consultation team.

Should I expect any agreement reached at the meeting to be final?

Pre-application consultation is not a full analysis of a proposal. It is a service designed to help you pre pare your application. It is not the process that decides whether your application will be notified, or whether your proposal will actually go ahead.

If the proposal significantly changes between the pre-application consultation and the actual application, the advice we gave at the pre-application stage may not be relevant.

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