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Pay rates by direct debit

Information on paying your rates account by direct debit.

Advantages include:

  • You may not have to pay bank fees - check with your bank.
  • You won't get late payment penalties
  • We will let you know the state of your rate account every three months
  • Payment amounts are reviewed quarterly, rather than annually.

Payments come directly out of your bank account and are transferred to your rate account. Your bank may charge you a fee for setting up the direct debit or per transaction. You will need to check with your bank about this.

We will send you a quarterly statement of your rate account, which will advise you of any changes to the amount you are paying and when the new payment amount will start

The amount of your direct debit may change after the rates are struck for the new rating year, or if a payment is missed.New Payplan Direct Agreements

Setting up a direct debit agreement:

  • Download and complete the Direct Debit agreement form from the related information section
  • Contact us. We will send you a direct debit application form and a freepost envelope.
  • Complete it, sign it, and either drop it back to us or post it in the freepost envelope.
  • We will send you a confirmation letter when we have processed your application. The letter will include the amount to be direct debited and the starting date.

Arrears balances

If your account has an arrears balance (as at 30 June of the previous rating year) and you would like to set up a direct debit to pay off the arrears, please contact us.

Extended agreements

In special circumstances an agreement may be extended by arrangement. This involves extending your agreement to 30 June of the following year and adding the next year's estimated rates to the amount yet to be paid. Contact us to talk further about this.

Missed payments

If you want to miss a direct debit payment, you need to contact us at least two days before the due date with the details so we can make arrangements with you.

If you have missed a direct debit payment, we would ask you to come in to make the payment. When you come in, you will need to mention that that the payment is a direct debit repayment.

You may incur a penalty for missed payments. You can find more information about this in the Conditions of Payplan Direct. If we do not receive a dishonoured repayment, the amount is re-calculated into your next quarterly instalment, to ensure the rates are cleared to the end of the rating year.

Sale of properties

Direct debit agreements are property-specific and cannot be transferred to other properties.

The existing agreement will be cancelled when the notification of sale has been received from your lawyer. You will need to complete a new form if you wish to have a direct debit agreement for your new property.

Changing bank account details

If you have changed banks or changed your bank account number, please complete and return a new direct debit form.

For any other changes please contact us, at least two days before your next payment is due.

Cancelling direct debit agreements

You must allow us two days notice to cancel your direct debit. Call us and we can arrange the cancellation over the phone.

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