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  • Allanton New Wastewater Reticulated Services Funding Policy
    Allanton New Wastewater Reticulated Services Funding Policy
  • Art and Creativity in Infrastructure Policy
    The purpose of this policy is to enable the consideration and development of proposals to embed good quality and cost-effective artwork and/or creativity in relevant DCC infrastructure projects.
  • Art in Public Places Policy
    Sets out the important role that arts and culture play in the well-being of the Dunedin community.
  • C

  • Civic Portraits Policy
    Confirmation of the Council’s Mayoral Portrait policy.
  • Climate Change Predictions Policy
    Predictions of climate change from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to be used in planning processes and activities undertaken by the Council which have an effective life of greater than 50 years.
  • Code of Subdivision and Development
    Sets out the requirements in relation to design and construction of subdivision and other developments.
  • Commercial Use of Footpaths Policy
    Allows businesses to utilise footpath space in a controlled and orderly manner while ensuring there is always a safe and unobstructed passage for pedestrians of all abilities and to ensure the visual amenity of our street-scapes is not detrimentally affected.
  • Community Boards Conference - Attendance Policy
    This policy statement outlines the attendance requirements for Community Board members and cost contributions by Council for Community Board conferences.
  • Community Policy
    The Policy’s aim is to focus on the needs of Dunedin citizens within a wider context of government’s welfare reforms.
  • Councillors - Appointments to Outside Organisations Policy Statement
  • D

  • Dangerous, Insanitary and Earthquake-Prone Buildings Policy
  • Dog Control Policy
    This policy is developed to ensure that the owners of dogs comply with their obligations under the Dog Control Act 1996.
  • Dog Neutering Policy
    This policy is to enable help for lower socio economic dog owners to have their dogs neutered.
  • Dunedin Local Alcohol Policy The Dunedin Local Alcohol Policy (LAP) has been amended and is now the Final Amended Provisional Local Alcohol Policy (PLAP)
  • F

  • Food Grading Policy
    This policy serves to provide the framework on which the Food Grading Bylaw and associated offences are based.
  • Fraud Prevention Policy
    The purpose of this policy is to define fraud, outline prevention mechanisms, set out responsibilities for the detection of fraud, provide clarity about what to do if you suspect fraud and set out the action that will be taken if a fraud is discovered
  • G

  • Gambling and TAB Venue Policy

    This policy defines the parameters that guide gambling venues, and gaming machines within the City Council area. The purpose of the Gambling and TAB Venue Policy is to minimise the harm caused by gambling in Dunedin communities. The policy is required by law and the Dunedin policy does not allow new non-casino gambling or ‘pokie’ machine venues and gambling machines within the DCC area. Relocation of gambling venues is permitted only in exceptional circumstances, as set out in the policy. The policy does not affect existing gambling venues.

    While the Dunedin City Council must have a Gambling Venue Policy, the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) is the licensing authority and is responsible for the granting or refusing of gambling licences.

  • Grants Policy The Council makes a considerable contribution to the social fabric of the community via grants, loans and in-kind support. It is initiating the development of a strategic framework with a number of strategies yet to be developed, the purpose of this document is to establish the broad funding policies and criteria by which the Grants Subcommittee and staff make their decisions regarding the grants schemes.
  • H

  • Housing Policy
    This policy sets out the goals, objectives and mechanisms for Council's relationship to the housing environment in the City.
  • I

  • Industry Project Fund Policy
    Application Guidelines for the Industry Project Fund. This fund aims to assist collaboration between Dunedin businesses and industry organisations to overcome barriers and/or increase opportunities to bring economic benefits into the city.
  • Internal Audit Policy
    This Policy sets out the nature, role, responsibility, status, scope and authority of Internal Audit within the Dunedin City Council.
  • L

  • Legal High Retail Location Policy
    This is a Local Approved Products Policy adopted by the Dunedin City Council under sections 66 - 69 of the Psychoactive Substances Act 2013.
  • LGOIMA Charging Policy
    This policy details the amount that we may charge for the supply of information and is based on the Ministry for Justice Charging Guidelines for Official Information Act Requests.
  • Library Collection Development Policy
    The purpose of this policy is to present the policies determining the selection, maintenance, retention, and disposal of materials in the collections of Dunedin Public Libraries.
  • Library Conditions of Use Policy
    These Conditions of Use apply to all library service points operated by Dunedin City Council.
  • Library Learning Support Policy
    The Library Learning Support Policy outlines the range of strategies employed by the Dunedin Public Libraries to support the pre-primary, primary and secondary educational institutions across the city of Dunedin in the achievement of the community outcomes of Culture and Learning.
  • Library Policy for Schools
    The Library Policy for Schools explains that Dunedin Public Libraries fill an educational role by supplementing and complementing the learning process, not attempting to duplicate the material in school libraries.
  • Library Public Internet Access Policy
    The Dunedin Public Libraries will provide free public access to the Internet for information due to the overriding community benefit in equitable access to information.
  • Liquor Licensing - Partnership Protocols Policy Statement
    The Liquor Licensing Partnership Protocols Policy Statement outlines an agreement between the DCC, Dunedin Police District Commander and the Medical Officer of Health.
  • Litter Compliance Policy
  • Local Easter Sunday Shop Trading Policy
    Following a review of the Easter Sunday Shop Trading Policy after Easter 2018, the Council decided to revoke the Dunedin Policy. This will come into effect on 1 January 2019 and means that shop trading on Easter Sunday will not be allowed except for shops already exempted under the Shop Trading Hours Act 1990.
  • M

  • Marketing Support Policy
    The Marketing Support Policy aims to assist in the development, support and promotion of business-related activities that offer the potential for sustainable employment and economic growth for Dunedin.
  • N

  • New Reticulated Utility Services (Water, Wastewater or Stormwater) Policy
    The New Reticulated Utility Services Policy for water, wastewater and stormwater.
  • O

  • Older Persons' Policy
    The purpose of this policy is to guide the future Dunedin City Council actions and recommend courses of action to other organisations in order to improve the quality of life for older people in Dunedin City.
  • Otago Settlers' Museum Collection Management Policy
    This is the Otago Settlers' Museum Collection Management Policy.
  • P

  • Parking Permits Policy
    The Parking Permit policy covers requirements of short-term parking in areas where there are metered parks.
  • Permanent Food Stalls Policy
    This Policy provides allocated sites for permanent food stalls and sets minimum operational, construction and maintenance requirements.
  • Procurement Policy
    The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance to suppliers and staff about procurement of goods and services for the Dunedin City Council. It sets out the considerations and parameters for procurement decisions.
  • Protected Disclosure/Whistleblower Policy
    This Policy aims to provide guidance and facilitate the disclosure and investigation of serious wrongdoing and to ensure protection for those employees who make disclosures in accordance with the Act.
  • R

  • Reserves Management Plan General Policies
    The General Policies document has been produced to incorporate policies applying to all reserves to allow a more consistent approach to reserve management. This document contains policies applying to all reserves in Dunedin City including those not classified as reserves under the Reserves Act 1977.
  • Responsible Camping Policy
    This policy has been superseded by the Camping Control Bylaw Nov 2015
  • Road Encroachment Policy
    This policy outlines all road encroachment fees for occupation that are enforceable by Council.
  • Road Naming Policy
    Road Naming Policy for the naming of new roads and altering the names of existing roads.
  • Road Stopping Policy
    This policy outlines the process undertaken for the stopping of a road.
  • Roading - Stock Underpasses Policy
    This policy encourages the installation of stock underpasses through Council funding.
  • S

  • Sale of Liquor Policy
    The Sale of Liquor policy defines the guide for liquor licensing within the City Council area and how the District Licensing Agency will carry out its requirements.
  • Sensitive Expenditure Policy
    The purpose of this policy is to provide elected members, employees and managers with a clear framework for managing sensitive expenditure and related conflicts of interest.
  • Sister City Relationships Policy Statement
    This is a policy statement on Sister City Relationships.
  • Smokefree Dunedin Policy
    The Dunedin City Council supports the goal of a smokefree/auahi kore Dunedin.
  • Street Fundraising Policy
    The Street Fundraising Policy covers any coordinated and organised event by organisations who ask for, or seek, any subscription, collection or donation from members of the public. Street Fundraising includes Street Appeals.
  • Street Tree Planting Policy
    Street trees have both a positive and negative impact. This policy allows Council to actively manage street trees to mitigate the adverse effects while maximising their benefits.
  • T

  • Timber Policy Statement
    This is a policy statement on the use of tropical rainforest timber.
  • Tourism Signage Policy
    This Policy provides guidance on the appropriate design, location and form of Tourist Attraction, Visitor Amenity and Other Facility signs in Dunedin. It outlines which tourism attractions and amenities are eligible for directional signage and who is responsible for funding such signs.
  • V

  • Vehicle Replacement Policy
    To give a clear indication on when and how motor vehicles will be replaced by the Dunedin City Council.
  • W

  • Water and Wastewater - Ownership of Utilities Policy Statement
    This is a policy statement on the ownership of water and wastewater utilities.
  • Water Fluoridation Policy Statement
    This is a policy statement on water fluoridation.
  • Water Restrictions Policy
    The policy on temporary water restrictions outlines the circumstances under which the Council may impose temporary water restrictions and the levels of restrictions that may be applied.
  • Water Supply (Domestic) Policy Statement
    This is a policy statement on domestic water supply charging.

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