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Dunedin City Council – Kaunihera-a-rohe o Otepoti

The Dunedin City Council plays an active role designing, maintaining and managing the look and feel of Dunedin City's landscape, and this includes being responsible for a number of trees in Dunedin's parks, reserves, and city streets.

Tagged trees

We put tags on DCC-owned trees on reserves and streets so staff and contractors can identify and find them. It will also help us develop our street and reserve tree inventories.

  • Blue with white numbering for reserve trees.
  • Green with black numbering for street trees
  • Yellow with black numbering for bush, shelterbelt or plantation trees

Significant trees

Some Dunedin trees are protected under the provisions of the Dunedin City District Plan – Schedule 25.3 Significant Trees. Before a person can make alterations perform maintenance including emergency work a Resource Consent is required. To remove a significant tree, a Resource Consent is required. These types of consent applications are free – please seek advice from a Resource Consent Planner at the Planning enquiries desk in the Customer Services Centre on the Ground Floor, Civic Centre in the Octagon.  The types of trees that require Resource Consent are outlined in the District Plan.

The Fund for Maintaining Significant Trees provides a financial incentive to assist owners with the maintenance of Significant Trees listed in Schedule 25.3 of the District Plan. The fund has been established in recognition of the contribution the trees make to the amenity and environmental quality of the City.

To find out about the review of Schedule 25.3 Significant Trees which was undertaken for the Proposed Second Generation Dunedin City District Plan (2GP) please refer to the Section 32 Report Scheduled Trees on the 2GP website.

Trees on public property

Street tree planting

To get a street tree planted on your grass verge you need to complete an Application for Planting of a Street Tree and return it to us. We will do service checks such as water and drainage before we approve your request.

Requests for street tree planting up until mid-December in any one year, are actioned the following calendar year. This means that your request will not be carried out immediately.

You can download the application form from this website or contact us to have one sent to you.

Tree planting in our parks and reserves

There are design guidelines and cost implications that impact on the look and feel of our city's parks and reserves. If you have ideas on various trees, plants and shrubs that you would like to see added to our parks and reserves, let us know.

If you would like to have a commemorative tree planted in one of the city's parks or reserves, contact us for information on Council policy and how to proceed.

Tree maintenance

Are you having trouble seeing at an intersection because a tree is blocking your view? Having trouble walking along the footpath because of overgrown shrubs? Or do you know of any park, reserve or cemetery that needs to have its trees or shrubs pruned back?

If you have any questions or complaints about trees on the roadside or in DCC-owned parks and reserves, please contact us.

Trees blown over or fallen onto the road or footpath

When a tree has blown onto or otherwise falls on to the road or footpath, it causes problems for pedestrians and / or motorists, and needs to be removed as soon as possible.

If the tree has come from private property, the owner of the property needs to remove it or arrange for it to be removed. Failing that, we will arrange for a contractor to remove it and recover the cost from the property owner.

If the tree is a street tree or a park or reserve tree we need to know so we can arrange for its removal.

Trees in power lines

When trees are growing close to power lines, or the power lines have become entangled in the trees, you will need to contact Delta Utility Services Ltd on 0800 433 582. Provide them with the location details and they will arrange for an inspection to assess what work needs to be carried out.

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