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Mobility Parking Scheme

This page provides details about the Mobility Parking Scheme including conditions, use and how to apply.

If you have limited mobility, and it affects your ability to get around the city, you may be eligible for a mobility-parking permit. For an application form and information pamphlet, contact CCS Disability Action

Mobility parking permit holders can use mobility parking spaces, which are wider than standard parks and closer to venues. These spaces are marked with the disability symbol, and in many areas are now painted blue.

Who is involved the scheme?

  • CCS Disability Action and Sommerville Centre for Special Needs Wanganui Incorporated manage and issue permits, and advocate to improve the scheme
  • Doctors or GPs assess people to determine their eligibility
  • Local councils provide and monitor on-road parking spaces
  • New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) manages the legislation around parking requirements and fines

What your mobility permit entitles you to

Displaying a mobility card entitles the driver to ONE hour free parking in all P&D parks (including 30 minute parks) and any time restricted area P30 and longer. It does not allow for extra parking in P5s or P10s or for parking in other restricted parks (Authorised vehicles only, Residents Parks etc).

One free hour applies to all pay and display parks - if the driver is parking for no longer than one hour, no payment is required. However maximum stay periods must be adhered to and any time required over and above the first hour free must be paid for.

Permits must be displayed. If the permit is not displayed, there is no right to use mobility parks or to gain the concessions.

Some mobility permit parks have a time limit stated on the sign and drivers may only stay for this period of time.

Mobility Parking Exemption scheme

This scheme is administered by Dunedin City Council and provides enhanced mobility parking concessions to residents of Dunedin City who hold an approved disabled person’s parking permit or mobility parking permit and experience difficulties in accessing the pay and display parking meters.

Land Transport Road user Rule 2004 1.6 Interpretations - approved disabled person's parking permit means a disabled person's parking permit or mobility parking permit:

  • (a) issued by CCS Disability Action Incorporated or Sommerville Centre for Special Needs Wanganui Incorporated; or
  • (b)approved by the territorial authority having control of the parking area.

Who can apply for an exemption?

You must:

  • Be the holder of an approved disabled persons parking permit or mobility parking permit
  • Be a resident of Dunedin city
  • Be the owner and driver of a motor vehicle
  • Use a wheelchair or other mechanical device used for mobility or
  • Be a little person (be of small stature) or
  • Be unable to walk more than 100m unaided (walking frame, crutches etc)

Permit Concessions

This permit allows the driver (cardholder) to park without payment on any on street ‘Pay and Display’ area or DCC off street carpark with ‘Pay and Display’ machines.

The maximum permitted period for all pay and display areas is displayed on the pay machines, on street signage, or at the entrance to off street carparks.

The permit does not provide you with an exemption from parking statute or bylaws, or allow you free parking in any parking building except the Library Car park.

You may download the application form from the related information section below.

Display of Permit

The disabled person’s parking permit or mobility parking permit must be displayed on the dash of the vehicle and must have the approved parking exemption label attached, failure to display the permit negates any right to parking concessions.

The number of the Mobility parking permit and the DCC parking permit must match to be entitled to the parking concessions.


  • The permit may only be used if the permit holder is the driver of the vehicle.
  • It is the permit holder's responsibility to inform the DCC of any change of circumstances which may affect eligibility (change of address, loss of applicants ability, license to drive etc)

Where are the mobility parks

City centre

  • Cumberland Street Central (between Hanover Street and Frederick Street)
  • Dunedin Public Library Parking Building
  • Filleul Street (between Moray Place and St Andrew Street)
  • Frederick Street Car Park (between Cumberland Street Central and Clarendon Street)
  • Great King Street Parking Building
  • Great King Street (between Frederick Street and Malcolm Street)
  • Great King Street (between Hanover Street and Frederick Streetl)
  • Moana Pool (directly in front of Pool)
  • Moray Place (between George Street and Great King Street)
  • Moray Place (between George Street and Filleul Street)
  • Moray Place Parking Building - Lower (between Stuart Street and Burlington Street)
  • Moray Place Parking Building - Upper (between Stuart Street and View Street)
  • Octagon (between George Street and Stuart Street Lower)
  • Queens Garden (SH1) (between Burlington Street and Rattray Street)
  • Railway Station (between Anzac Avenue and High St (SH1))

Off Street Pay and Display Carpark Locations (Exemption Scheme)

  • Frederick Street - maximum permitted period 4hrs
  • Dowling Street - maximum permitted period 4hrs
  • Filleul Street - no time limit
  • Railway Station North - no time limit
  • St. Andrew Street - no time limit
  • Thomas Burns - no time limit
  • Library Carpark - maximum permitted period 1hr

University area and North Dunedin

  • Albany Street (between Ethel Benjamin Place and Grange Street)
  • Albany Street (between Forth Street and Riego Street)
  • Albany Street (between Leith Street and Hyde Street)
  • Botanic Gardens Car Park (Cumberland Street North between Great King Street and Duke Street)
  • Clyde Street (between Albany Street and Union Street East)
  • Cumberland Street North (between Albany Street and Union Street West)
  • Forth Street (between Union Street East and St David Street)
  • Harbour Terrace (between Union Street East and St David Street)
  • Parry Street (between Anzac Ave and Minerva Street)
  • Great King Street (between Pine Hill Rd (SH1) and Bank St)

Dunedin South and Esplanade

  • Esplanade (between Forbury Road and Beach Street)
  • Forbury Road (between Victoria Road and Esplanade)
  • King Edward Street (between Lorne Street and McBride Street)
  • Rankeilor Street Car Park
  • St Clair Salt Water Pool (Second Beach Road, and the St Clair Salt Water Pool access road)


  • Gordon Rd Sh87 (between Cargill St and Lanark St)
  • Lanark St (between Irvine St and Gordon Rd (SH87))

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