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Place-based Community grants fund

This new fund was created as part of the DCC’s 2018-28 10 year plan. It will support place-based community development work.

A total of $300,000 has been set aside annually for the next three years, with funding aimed at enabling place-based communities to undertake work to develop and improve the liveability and quality of their communities and contribute to building thriving and connected communities across the city.

The fund is open to groups from any neighbourhood or community in the city, from large to small areas. Applications are expected to vary in scope accordingly, to mirror the stage of development of the group and the complexity of the activities planned. Activities supported can range from work to engage more widely with the local community and find out what the community wants, to running activities and events and building the group’s capacity to deliver. Some groups may wish to have paid staff time. For more information on the grants which are eligible see Place Based Community Grant Criteria in the related information section

This fund is additional to the DCC’s existing Community and Events grants. It is not intended to support interest-based groups or any particular age group, religion, cultural or ethnic group, but rather all members of a geographic (or place-based) community. This fund will also relieve some of the pressure on existing DCC grant pools which face increasing demand from community groups looking for support. The new fund has been established to be the main source of DCC grant support for place-based groups, rather than other DCC community grant rounds.

The Place-based Community Grants Fund will be in place for three years while DCC staff further explore ways of supporting community partnerships and fostering community-led initiatives. These kinds of projects are recognised to have made significant differences in some of our city’s neighbourhoods.

Grants are planned to be distributed annually. Applications for the first round open on 6 August 2018 and close on 31 August 2018.Applications will be online only. An application form will be available here during that period.

As this is a new grant, any group considering an application is strongly encouraged to get in touch with staff and discuss their thinking before submitting an application. Groups do not need to be formally incorporated if there is a suitable agency which will act as fund-holder for the group.*

Where different groups are considering work in the same or overlapping areas, DCC staff are keen for the groups to work together if possible.

Call 03 477 4000 to speak to a Community Adviser for advice on how to make an application.

* Application size and complexity will be relevant in considering your group’s governance and management arrangements and any ‘umbrella’ arrangements. Applications are expected to range from a few hundred dollars for some groups to much larger for the groups with paid workers.

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