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Dunedin City Council – Kaunihera-a-rohe o Otepoti
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Implementation pathways

Three implementation pathways have been identified for this strategy. These work streams focus on key areas where it is anticipated the greatest social wellbeing gains can be made at relatively low cost.

Dunedin City Council teams will be established to oversee the implementation of these pathways, including the development of detailed action plans within six months of the adoption of this strategy. A co-ordinated approach involving a range of departments will keep these areas at the forefront of Dunedin City Council work programmes and provide an integrated response across different parts of the Council.

Dunedin is blessed with a richness of community organisations, central government agencies and community-led initiatives doing great work across the city. Relationships with these groups will continue and it is hoped that, through the pathway teams, the Council will be in a position to work even more effectively alongside these groups to improve social wellbeing outcomes.

The Council financially supports a wide range of community organisations and activities. Part of the work of the pathway teams will be to review the current funding approach and evaluate its effectiveness and alignment with the strategic priorities set out in this strategy.

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