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Authorised Vehicle Permit Scheme

This page contains information about the Authorised Parking Scheme including conditions and how to apply.

Authorised Vehicle permits are to assist delivery vehicles to load or unload goods, with minimum disruption to other road users in the CBD.

These areas are not intended to be used for longer term parking periods, and are not available to companies for the purpose of Merchandising, Companies Reps calling on clients, doing the banking etc.

Conditions of Authorised Vehicle Permit Scheme

  • Are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another vehicle business or individual.
  • Do not guarantee a parking space.
  • Do not provide you with an exemption from parking statute or bylaw.
  • Do not authorise you to arrange for other vehicles to be towed
  • Are only valid in the areas specified
  • The maximum permitted period you may stay is 20 minutes. For periods which exceed this you must contact the Customer Services Agency on 03 477 4000
  • For the full conditions of use please refer to the Authorised Vehicle Permit scheme conditions of use in the related information section.

Other information

A vehicle inspection or investigation may be undertaken before approving the permit. We may also consult with other DCC departments to verify any information you have provided.

How to apply for a permit

Download and print the Authorised Vehicle Permit Scheme Application form from the related information area below and either:

  • Mail to Dunedin City Council, PO Box 5045, Moray Place, Dunedin 9058, or
  • Hand deliver to the Customer Service Centre, Ground Floor Civic Centre, The Octagon.
Authorised Vehicle Parking
Authorised Vehicle Permit (annually) $33.00
Replacement Permit $10.00

When you have your permit

You need to display the permit in the position specified by the issuing officer. You also need to remember to follow all parking regulations and bylaws. We may revoke your permit if you contravene the conditions of use or are found to have supplied false information.

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