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Dunedin City Council – Kaunihera-a-rohe o Otepoti
East Taieri Dog Park.

Where you can walk your dog

There are a number of places you can exercise your dog in Dunedin, including six dog parks.

Flagstaff Possum Control

A TBfree possum control operation is happening in the Flagstaff area from 4 March 2019.

This covers over 2,130 hectares, including Swampy Ridge, Pineapple Track, Flagstaff and Nicols Falls. No 1080 will be used but due to the use of toxin, dog owners should keep their dogs on lead in the area until further notice.  Find out more about the Flagstaff pest control operation.

If you have any queries please email

Dog parks

Your dog does not necessarily have to be on a leash in these areas, but you have to keep it under control. Dog exercise areas are located at:

  • Rotary Park, Highcliff Road, Waverley
  • Forrester Park, Norwood Street, Normanby
  • Cemetery Road, East Taieri (includes a small dog park)
  • Shand Park, Green Island (includes a small dog park)
  • Wakari Road, Wakari
  • Kew Park, Forbury Corner

Other places you can take your dog

Dogs are allowed in the following areas but please view the dog control bylaw map to see exactly where you can take your dog. Dogs may be off a leash during daylight hours unless otherwise stated.


  • Dogs on a leash are permitted in cemeteries owned by the DCC.

Chisholm Park Golf Course

Dogs are allowed in two areas of this golf course:

  1. The area closest to the golf club permits dogs on a leash;and
  2. The area closest to the beach (also termed Ocean Beach Domain) permits dogs without a leash.

Sportsgrounds (excluding DCC-owned golf courses)

  • Dogs are permitted off a leash on DCC owned sportsgrounds in areas that are not marked playing fields, but must be on a leash when games are being played.

South of Dunedin

  • Brighton Recreation Reserve
  • Island Park Recreation Reserve
  • Ocean View Recreation Reserve

(dogs must be on a leash in dune areas at the reserves above)

  • Otokia Creek track to the start of Brighton Beach (on a leash) Westwood Recreation Reserve Woodside Glen Track

Smaills Beach

  • Dogs must be on a leash on the beach east of the middle track and may be off the leash to the west of the track, subject to temporary bans when required for wildlife protection purposes.

Tracks and reserves

Dogs are allowed on the tracks and reserves listed below but please view the dog control bylaw map to see exactly where you can take your dog. Unless stated otherwise, your dog does not have to be on a leash, but it must be under your control. Don't forget to clean up all droppings and take them with you!

Dunedin City

  • Bethunes Gully
  • Ocean Grove Recreation Reserve (Tomohawk)
  • Frasers Gully
  • Forrester Park
  • Chingford Park
  • Signal Hill
  • St Clair Beach Piles to St Kilda Beach


  • Flagstaff
  • Swampy
  • Nicols Falls and Nicols Creek
  • Whare Flat

North of Dunedin

  • Bucklands Crossing (Waikouaiti)
  • Purakaunui Recreation Reserve
  • Waikouaiti Recreation Reserve and Beach
  • Long Beach Recreation Reserve and Beach
  • Karitane Beach
  • Aramoana Beach
  • Doctors Point (Waitati)
  • Warrington Recreation Reserve – Except Warrington Spit and Rabbit Island, from the dunes at the south end of the point
  • Truby King Reserve (Seacliff)
  • Evansdale Glen Scenic Reserve
  • Scott Memorial Reserve (Port Chalmers)


  • Allans Beach – South of the DOC track only


  • Silverstream Catchment Tracks

South of Dunedin

  • Brighton Recreation Reserve (see the dog control bylaw map to see exactly where you can take your dog)
  • Island Park Recreation Reserve
  • Ocean View Recreation Reserve
  • Westwood Recreation Reserve
  • Exercise areas for dogs on a leash

    There are a number of areas in Dunedin where you are allowed to walk your dog on a leash. These are listed below. You are also allowed to walk your dog through a prohibited area to an exercise area if it is securely controlled with a leash or chain.

    Areas where you can take your dog on a leash

    Sometimes DOC will put signs on beaches or other areas indicating there is a native animal in the area. As long as the signs are in place, you must follow the instructions on them. DOC will remove these signs when the animal has moved away.
    Dogs are allowed in the areas and on the tracks listed below as long as they are securely controlled on a leash.

    • St Clair Esplanade Track to the Scout Den on Kettle Park
    • McGouns Creek Track (City)
    • Pineapple Track/Old Pineapple Track (City)
    • Ross Creek/Craigieburn Tracks (City). Some sections of Ross Creek tracks are closed due to the Ross Creek Dam Refurbishment
    • Fern Tree Reserve (Off Taieri Rd) (City)
    • Woodhaugh Garden Tracks (City)
    • Walton Park Tracks (Fairfield)
    • Huriwa Pa (Karitane) (DOC)
    • Mapoutahi (Purikanui) (DOC)

  • Prohibited areas

    There are areas in the city where your dogs are not allowed or a permit is required to gain access for your dogs. This page details these areas.

    Areas where a hunting permit is required

    Permits are necessary to take your dog into the following areas for hunting purposes:

    • Allans Beach Wildlife Management Reserve (DOC)
    • Chalkies (DOC)
    • Maungatua Scenic Reserve (DOC)
    • Silverpeaks (DOC)
    • Taieri Gorge Scenic Reserve
    • Outram Glen (DOC)
    • Woodside Glen Track (DOC)

    Areas where dogs are not allowed

    Commercial Areas

    • The Octagon, the Civic Centre, the Library Plaza and those areas of Princes Street and George Street which lie between the Exchange and Knox Church.
    • King Edward Street, South Dunedin between Hillside and Macandrew Roads.


    This regulation does not apply to disability assist dogs, police dogs and dogs being used by security guards, working dogs, dogs confined in an efficient container, or securely confined in or by lead or restraint on a vehicle. No offence shall be committed when a dog securely controlled by means of lead, leash or chain is being taken through the defined area to the nearest area where the dog may be exercised by a resident of the defined area.

    Children's Playgrounds

    • Areas developed and equipped as children's playgrounds.

    Sports Grounds

    • Dogs are prohibited at all times from all marked playing surfaces on DCC owned sports grounds, permitted off leash outside of the marked areas at all times, however must be on a leash when games are being played.

    Protected Wildlife

    • Areas that from time to time the Council will notify by way of signage and advertising that there is a temporary dog prohibition in place because of the presence of wildlife or stock.

    Beach Areas

    • Designated areas of bathing beaches where lifeguards mark the safe areas for swimming by the placement of flags.

    Brighton Beach

    • All of the area within the bay from the Big Rock to opposite 909 Brighton Road at the North end of the domain including Barneys Island and all of the beach within the confines of Brighton Road.

    St Clair Beach and Esplanade

    • All of the beach from the Salt Water Pool to the northern end of the sea wall, except, dogs on a leash may have access to the beach between 8.00pm and 8.00am the following day.
    • The park on Victoria Road adjoining the playground area and the playground area itself.


    • Broad Bay Beach Reserve Botanic Garden
    • Macandrew Bay Beach Reserve
    • Woodhaugh Gardens (other than on defined walking tracks).

    Conservation/Wildlife Areas

    • Allans Beach north east of where access track enters the beach (DOC)
    • Aramoana Beach from Keyhole Rock north to Heyward Point (DOC)
    • Aramoana Ecological Area – salt marsh and wetland (DOC)
    • Aramoana-Heyward Point (DOC)
    • Boulder Beach (DOC)
    • Burns Park (DOC)
    • Careys Creek (DOC)
    • Deep Stream Scenic Reserve (DCC and DOC)
    • Grahams Bush Walk (DOC)
    • Grangers Road Track (DOC)
    • Leith Saddle (DOC)
    • Hereweka/Harbour Cone (Dogs not permitted except for farm management purposes (DCC)
    • Hyde-Middlemarch Rail Trail (DOC)
    • Goat Island (DOC)
    • Lighthouse Reserve (Taiaroa Head and DCC)
    • Matanaka (DOC)
    • Mount Cargill (DCC)
    • Mill Creek Track (DOC)
    • Okia Reserve (DCC and Yellow Eyed Penguin Trust) Organ Pipes (DCC)
    • Orokonui (DOC)
    • Otekiho Reserve (DCC and Yellow Eyed Penguin Trust)
    • Outram Glen to Lee Stream (DOC)
    • Pilots Beach Recreational Reserve (DCC)
    • Quarantine Island (DOC)
    • Sandymount and associated track network (DOC)
    • Sandfly Bay (DOC)
    • Seal Point Road to Sandfly Bay (DOC)
    • Sutton Salt Lake Scenic Reserve (DOC)
    • Taiaroa Head (DCC and DOC)
    • Tunnel Beach (DOC)
    • Victory Beach (Yellow Eyed Penguin Trust)
    • Warrington Spit and Rabbit Island – from the first break water point from the north (DCC)


    • 41 Peg Track District Road
    • Aramoana – Heyward Point Track (DOC)
    • Buskin Road (Otago Peninsula)
    • Highcliff Road to Hoopers Inlet Lime Kilns (Private)
    • Mount Charles (Private and DOC)
    • Nyhon Track
    • Paradise Road and Track Pipikaretu Beach (Private)
    • Quoin Cliff (Private)
    • Track Ridge Road Track
    • Cedar Farm Forest Track/Mount Kettle/Mount Cutten (Sawyers Bay)

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