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2nd Generation District Plan (2GP)

Under the Resource Management Act 1991, the DCC is required to review the District Plan every 10 years.

The current District Plan was first released in 1995 and became fully operative in 2006. A full review of the current Plan started in 2012. This review produced the Proposed Second Generation Dunedin City District Plan, known as the 2GP. The 2GP is an entirely new plan, with a new format, new zones, objectives and policies, and many changes to the rules.

The 2GP was notified on 26 September 2015 and was open to formal submissions and further submissions. Public hearings were held from May 2016 to December 2017, during which the 2GP Hearings Panel heard from DCC planners, submitters, legal counsel and experts.

Decisions on the 2GP were notified on 7 November 2018. Any submitter not satisfied with the decision on their submission had the right to appeal to the Environment Court.

The period for lodging an appeal closed on 19 December 2018.

For more information about the district plan review process, hearings and appeals, please go to the 2GP website.

When does the 2GP replace the current plan?

As of 7 November 2018, all rules in the proposed 2GP had legal effect. Legal effect means the rules of both the proposed 2GP and the operative District Plan (2006) apply.

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