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Registered premises

There are certain types of businesses that must have a licence or certificate of registration to operate.

Some examples are:

  • Food Premises - see the information under Commercial Food Premises
  • Hairdressers - see the information under Hairdressers
  • Camping Grounds - facility meets the requirements of the Camping Ground Regulations 1985, checking rubbish management, ablutions block cleanliness, site maps and records.
  • Beauticians, Tattooists and Piercers - See information under Beauticians, Tattooists and Piercers
  • Funeral Homes - we ensure compliance with the Burial Act, which can include checking chemicals and corpse management, as well as Food Hygiene Regulations for any refreshments provided.
  • Offensive Trades - This can include rubbish and recycling plants, animal skin processing plants which are regulated under the Health Act to ensure no nuisances (odour, rodents, rotting food or animal remains) occur.

You can read all the legislation relevant to these areas on the Legislation page of this section.

Starting up a new registered premises?

If you want to open or take over one of these businesses, check this information to make sure you have done all you need to do.

If you have more questions you can contact us directly on +64 3 477 4000.

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