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Dunedin City Council – Kaunihera-a-rohe o Otepoti
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Skateboarding Bylaw survey report

Use of Skateboarding Bylaw Review Survey

This survey will help provide the Council with feedback about the current Skateboarding bylaw and help identify any issues or concerns.

The key findings from the survey included:

  • The majority of the respondents (89%) agree that Dunedin should have rules about where people can skateboard.
  • In general, most respondents support the continual prohibition of the stated areas, with:
    • 87% for Moray Place and area within
    • 86% for George Street, from Frederick Street to Moray Place
    • 71% for Princes Street, from Water Street to Moray Place
    • 82% for Stuart Street, from and including Railway Station and Anzac Square to Moray Place
    • 59% for Queens Garden reserve
    • 65% for John Wickliffe Court recreation reserve
    • 62% for St Clair Esplanade
  • Most common comments about where skateboarding should or shouldn't be allowed were for prohibiting in high foot traffic areas, footpaths, roads and steep streets and allowing in skate parks and designated reserves.
  • Most respondents (59%) thought that a verbal warning once then seizure of the skateboard or device and a charge for costs is the appropriate enforcement method.
  • Most common comments about enforcing skateboarding rules suggest educating and advertising about rules and prohibited areas. Enforcement should also be fair and not too harsh, following a case by case standard to deliver appropriate enforcement.
  • Most common comments about city safety were for skateboarders to use cycle lanes and wear protective, high visibility gear.
  • Most common general comments about skateboarding endorsed it as good and environmentally friendly but concerning on roads and around pedestrians.

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