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Dunedin City Council – Kaunihera-a-rohe o Otepoti
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Welcome from the Mayor

Dunedin is one of the world’s great small cities and our natural environment is one of our greatest strengths. We all engage with nature at some point in our daily lives. We are all part of the Dunedin ecosystem, and we all need a healthy natural environment to provide us with food, shelter, water and clean air.

Our natural spaces and unique wildlife are a large part of Dunedin’s appeal to residents, visitors and migrants and the city’s economic wellbeing. We need to safeguard what we have, and strive to improve the health of our environment where it has become degraded. Our wellbeing depends on this, and as guardians of the environment, we have a responsibility to leave it in a better condition for future generations.

Our climate is changing; for example, extreme weather events are happening more frequently. Although climate change poses risks and uncertainties for Dunedin, such as the impact of sea level rise, it also offers opportunities. As part of the international Compact of Mayors, Dunedin has committed to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions. This is our city’s contribution to mitigating the global impacts of climate change while we focus on solutions to local challenges.

Te Ao Tūroa is not a starting point. It continues the stewardship and guardianship of the environment by many people and organisations over many generations. This strategy builds on that work, and will help guide our efforts to look after, respect and enjoy the natural environment now and into the future.

Dave Cull

Mayor of Dunedin

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