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Allanton Wastewater Scheme

Sewer layout diagram.

The Allanton pressurised wastewater system is different from conventional gravity systems in that it depends on a pumping unit installed at each property to pump the household sewage to our wastewater pipe network.

How does the pump system work?

Sewer installation diagram.

The power to operate the pumping units is sourced from the dwelling’s domestic power supply and paid for by the property occupier as part of their regular power bill.  Each pump will use about 65 kilowatt hours of electricity a year depending upon the volume of sewage pumped.

The household wastewater is pumped into a network of pressure sewers under the road reserve that take it to the Mosgiel Wastewater Treatment Plant. This includes the grinder pump unit and pump discharge pipe (located in the property).

The pump discharge pipe is connected to a boundary kit in the road reserve outside the property.  The boundary kit includes a valve so each property can be isolated from the pressure sewer network for maintenance.  The boundary kits are also the connection point between each household and the pressure sewer network located in the road reserve.

Odours and noise

The pump units are underground so the are almost inaudible when they are working. The unit is sealed to avoid odour problems.


To connect to the system, you need to fill out the Application for Connection to the Allanton Wastewater Pressure Sewer System form and the Building Consent Application form and pay the Allanton Connection Fee.

The fee includes the costs for:

  • The onsite installation of the pump, pump chamber, control panel, pump discharge line and boundary kit
  • The property's contribution to the capital costs of the public sewers

It does not include:

  • The cost to connect the house drain to the pump chamber
  • The Annual Residential Drainage charge
  • The pump power costs

The Allanton Connection Fee is shown on the Allanton Wastewater Sewer Connection Costs schedule.

What happens if you subdivide your section

Only serviced sections can be subdivided so, if you are planning to subdivide your section, you need to install all the drainage services up to and including the boundary kit for each new section.

When the property is to be built, the owner at the time will need to submit the application forms and pay the fees.

Construction and installation

We own:

  • The pump unit
  • The pump discharge pipe to the boundary kit
  • The pump control panel.

You own:

  • The drainage pipes from the house to the pump unit

As we own the pumps, like any other DCC asset we have responsibility for the repair, maintenance and replacement of the pump so we use a brand that is reliable, durable and has readily available spare parts.

You can use any qualified person to do the private drainage work between the house and the pump chamber, or the electrical wiring required to supply the control box.

Our contractor will install the DCC-owned infrastructure.

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