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Dunedin City Council – Kaunihera-a-rohe o Otepoti
Swimming pool.

Rules for different pool areas

Our pool rules are designed for the safety and well being of ALL our customers, these rules are specific to the different pool areas.

Leisure Pool

Wave Chamber

  • No flips or diving at any time
  • Bombing and jumping when waves are NOT on, is allowed
  • You must face forward when jumping in
  • No-one other than staff operate water features
  • No hanging off the railings around the wave chamber area
  • No throwing boards or hard balls
  • No large float boards or fun nuts

Beach Area

  • No sprinting into pool or rugby type games

Rapid River

  • Keep off the island in the rapid river
  • Everyone must keep moving, and in, the right direction in the rapid river
  • Children must not run from the main pool into the rapid river

Toddlers Pool

  • No climbing on the wall around the toddlers pool


  • No swinging or climbing on fountains


  • 18yrs+ in spa pool
  • Especially no babies or toddlers
  • Pregnant women should be aware that due to overheating their un-born child it not a good idea to spend lots of time in the spa
  • Other rules/guidelines as stated on the sign beside the spa

Main Pool

  • No playing on lane ropes
  • Children are allowed to lane swim following the lane swimming etiquette
  • No standing on mats or fun nuts

Lane Swimming Etiquette

  • Pick a lane according to your ability
  • Keep left
  • Never stop in the middle of a lane
  • Avoid drills in fast lanes when busy

Learners Pool

  • Older children are welcome to swim in here as long as they aren’t too boisterous
  • Swimsation equipment is not available for public or group use


  • Under 10’s still need supervised (i.e. parents at bottom of slide)
  • Under 5’s go down with a parent holding them
  • No train riding
  • No stopping in the tubes
  • No playing in the slide pool
  • You MUST slide feet first, on your back or sitting facing forward

Dive Pool

These rules are for both the old dive pool and the dive/lap pool.

  • No swimming in dive pools while boards are open
  • Jump straight out the front of the board
  • No baggy clothing – t-shirts tucked in
  • Must wait until the person in front is at the side of the pool before jumping
  • Swim to the correct ladder to exit pool
  • No tandem jumping from the 3m and 1m boards at the same time

1m & 3m boards

  • Fulcrums to be moved to the front of the board (closest to pool)
  • 1 at a time on the boards all others must wait on the pool deck no waiting on ladder
  • When the platform boards are CLOSED the lifeguard can open both 1m boards and only ONE of the 3m boards upon request
  • Both 3M boards can only be opened for dive squad purposes under assigned dive coaches supervision

Dive Towers

  • Wait for lifeguards signal
  • No running from the back of the boards
  • No wearing Lifejackets off the platform diving boards
  • When the platform boards are operating all other boards are CLOSED
  • Instructions on how to jump safely are on the wall of each platform board landing
  • Only the 5m platform is open to the public
  • Only ONE platform board open at a time
  • There is a strip of tape on the platform, only one person is allowed beyond this taped line at a time. All others wait behind it
  • Must jump unassisted (physically)
  • No t-shirts on 5m platform


Aqua Jogging Belts

Aqua jog belts can be used by disabled persons in the leisure pool as long as their caregiver is close to them.


  • The Lifeguard will control the flow of people onto the inflatable by communicating with the Lifeguard at the end with hand signals
  • Only 1 child on the small inflatable in the Learner’s pool at a time
  • The learner’s pool small inflatable is for under 8’s
  • The Aquadash can have a second person go on after the first is past the second blue obstacle
  • Adults can go on the Aquadash but only 1 at a time – evenly spaced
  • Anybody going on the inflatables must be able to swim a length of the pool or meet our height measurement (if in doubt they must show you they can swim)
  • Adults can accompany under 8’s on the Aquadash
  • No one is allowed to swim under any inflatable
  • No diving off any inflatable

Fun Nuts

  • Only 1 fun nut per person
  • Jumping in from the side is only allowed if the fun nut is placed at the first black line or beyond


Long fins (like UWH and scuba fins) may be used in the lane swimming lanes during quiet periods. Normal flipper are allowed anywhere in the pool.

Equipment brought in by public

  • No tennis balls, golf balls or Frisbees
  • Lifeguard’s have discretion on type of equipment bought in and it’s use depending on how busy the pool is.

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