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Web accessibility

Web accessibility is about inclusive design — ensuring all people can access information, including people with disabilities and those using assistive technologies and devices. All public service and non-public service agencies must meet the NZ Government Web Accessibility Standard 1.0. The NZ standard is based on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, an international standard that has been adopted by governments around the world. This website has been built to meet those standards. The options made available here help a wide range of people to access the site and find information they require.

Font re-sizing

There are common keyboard shortcuts that can make text bigger within your browser.

Using Internet Explorer

  • 1. Open the View menu by pressing ALT + V.
  • 2. Select Text Size by pressing X.
  • 3. In the Text Size list, move to the text size option you want by pressing the UP ARROW or DOWN ARROW key.
  • 4. Press ENTER.

Using Mozilla Firefox

  • Increase font size by pressing CTRL +
  • Reduce font size by pressing CTRL -

Text to speech

We use a text to speech software called ReadSpeaker. The functionality aimed to help web users with reduced vision, language learners, the growing elderly population, and anyone else looking for a simpler way to access digital content on the go. You will need to ensure that the volume on your computer is on as when clicking the Listen button, a robotic toned voice will start reading the content of the web page for you.

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