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Chain Hills road track

You can ride this track as a loop from the city, through Fairfield into Morris Road, up Chain Hills Road, along Halfway Bush Road and then down either Brindson Road or Three Mile Hill Road back into the city.

If you don't fancy the traffic, get dropped off at the start of the rough stuff and picked up at the other end.

If riding the loop and to avoid the southern Motorway, ride via Kaikorai Valley into Green Island then onto SH1 at Sunnyvale. Battle the traffic as you cycle into and nearly all the way through Fairfield. Turn right up Morris Road and right onto Chain Hills Road, which is partially sealed but then becomes gravelled. The road branches into two both still called Chain Hills Road. This could be confusing, so just keep to the left.

At the dead end, climb over the stile and follow the markers to stay on the track. At the end of the track, use the stile to climb over the fence onto Halfway Bush Road. Turn right from the stile to get back to town via Brindson Road or Three Mile Hill Road.

Brindson Road is a rutted unformed road, which is seen as a gap in the gorse hedges on the right as you head along Halfway Bush Road towards Three Mile Hill Road. Once on Brindson Road, go down, meeting Dalziel Road to get back into the city. If you stay on Halfway Bush Road, you'll meet Three Mile Hill Road, which will bring you back into town.

Parts of this track cross private property. Please respect this and leave gates secure.

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