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New water connections

Usually, we are responsible for water infrastructure between the reticulation main and the property service point (manifold/toby/meter).

We have an Approved Water Service Connection Installer (AWSCI), system which means we have a list of plumbing companies that we have approved to provide and install new water services from the water reticulation main to the property service point.

These companies charge directly for installation and we charge a fixed fee for the final connection to our water reticulation system. Our fee can be included as an item in the invoice provided by the AWSCI.

Arranging a new connection

Start by getting a quote from the AWSCI for the installation of the service line and then fill out the Application for Water Supply form. Your AWSCI can submit the application on your behalf and will contact us to confirm your property’s eligibility for reticulated water.

Depending on the main purpose for the water supply or the size of connection, you may also need a water meter or backflow prevention device.

Some rural Dunedin water schemes are low pressure and have a restricted water supply flow so may need additional on-site storage.

If you have any questions before you apply, contact us on 477 4000.

Authorised Water Supply Connection Installers Contractors

Adams Plumbing & Drainage Limited
Contact: Glen Vandervliet
All Septic and Drainage Limited
Contact: Gary Gardiner
Clearwater Civil Limited
Contact: Gus Clearwater
Downer NZ Ltd
Contact: Stephen Vorgers
Fulton Hogan
Contact:Dean Scott
KB Contractors
Contact: Ken Eaton
Southroads Limited
Contact: Kayne Madden

Applying for AWSCI status

To apply for Authorised water supply connection installer status please use the information and application form provided in the related information section

Adjusting the number of water units supplied

If you have a restricted water supply, your property will have been allocated a certain number of water units, (1 water unit = 1,000 litres of water per 24hrs).

If you want to change the number of units being supplied to your property, use the Request Water Unit Change online form or PDF form in the related information section, to request your changes.

For details of fees and charges for water units, please refer to the Water Charges page in the related information section

Separating water supply services

If the water supply to your property is shared with your neighbour’s (ie if you turn the water off at the street to change a washer in a tap at your place, your neighbour’s water supply also shuts down) you can apply for a service separation.

Use the Application for Water Supply form to request a separation. There may be a charge, depending on the work required.

General water concerns

If you or your plumber is concerned about the water flow or pressure at your property, please contact us to discuss the concern. This call may result in a site visit to your property to investigate options to fix the issue.

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