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The Otago region’s participation profile

Participation rates for sport and recreation in Otago in 2013/14 are shown below (Sport New Zealand Active New Zealand Survey, 2015).

A quick look at...Adults

(everyone in the Otago region who completed the survey)

75%of adults in the Otago region (113,000) took part in sport and recreation in any given week

Almost 44,000 adults volunteered in sport and recreation

Each year, around 25,400 adults (17%) took part in one or more sport and recreation events - running/walking events (such as half marathons and 10kms races) and fun runs/walks were the most popular events.

Most adults (60%) were interested in either trying a new sport/activity or doing more of an existing one.

A quick look at ... Participants

(everyone in the Otago region who took part in sport and recreation)


Compared with all New Zealand adults, similar proportions of men and women participated in sport and recreation activities in the Otago region.

Otago region adults participated in similar numbers of activities (3.9 on average), when compared with all New Zealand adults (4.0).


The most popular activities were recreational -

  • walking
  • cycling
  • swimming
  • jogging/running

The most popular sports were -

  • golf
  • bowls
  • motorsports
  • basketball


Just over 9 out of 10 participants(92)% took part in sport and recreation at one or more facilities.

The most common were paths, cycleways and walkways (63%). Almost 8 out of 10 (77%) took part in one or more natural settings, most commonly in parks in town/cities (46%).

Around 4 out of 10 participants (40%) belonged to a club or centre 27% belonged to a sports club, while 12% were members of a gym or fitness centre.


Almost all participants(97)% took part in their chosen sports/activities casually, either on their own or with others, followed by 21% that took part in regular club competitions

Over 5 out of 10 participants (55%) took part in sport and recreation activities with an organised group; this was most commonly a group arranged by the people who take part in the activity (44%).

The most common way people paid to participate was on a per visit entry or hire basis (43%).

Over 5 out of 10 participants (54%) had received coaching, and almost 4 out of 10 (36%) had used instructional resources, in the previous 12 months to help improve their performance.


Similar proportions of participants, just under 9 out of 10 each, said that enjoyment (89%) and fitness and health (88%) were the main reasons for taking part in activities.

A lack of time was by far the number one reason interested participants gave as a reason for not doing more sport and recreation activities, either for trying a new activity (53%), or doing more of an existing activity (63%). Cost was commonly the next main barrier, but was a distant second (23% and 14% respectively).

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