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Dunedin City Council – Kaunihera-a-rohe o Otepoti
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Rates relief for protected land

Information on rates relief for protected land.

The policy is intended to link to our goal

'To promote a quality environment and sustainable management of our resources by ensuring that existing values are not compromised and by encouraging improvement.'

More specifically, the intention is to encourage property owners to protect and preserve open spaces within the city for the benefit and enjoyment of present and future generations of the people of Dunedin.

This policy does not cover urban buildings, or properties which would more appropriately fall within our rates remission for development policy.

Conditions and criteria

We may remit rates if a rating unit meets the following criteria:

The rating unit is within the City. It may be a part of a larger property in which case the area concerned shall be separately rated


The rating unit must be protected by a binding covenant or agreement such as:

  • An open space covenant with the Queen Elizabeth the Second Trust
  • A conservation covenant with the Department of Conservation or a local government agency
  • A heritage covenant with the New Zealand Historic Places Trust
  • A protected private land agreement where an owner has an area set aside as 'protected private land' under the Reserves Act 1977
  • A Maori reservation under the Maori Affairs Act
  • A Covenant similar to the above that is binding on both present and future owners


The conservation of the rating unit contributes to the benefit and enjoyment of citizens of Dunedin by preserving particular natural or historic or cultural features within the district. This could include:

  • A specific area of forest or bush
  • A specific visual or scenic feature of the landscape
  • Any specific feature the conservation of which, in our view, meets our goal in regard to the environment


The owner has applied for a rates remission under this policy

Determining rates remission

When determining rates remission, and a particular application, we shall have regard to the following matters:

  • The desirability of preserving particular natural or historic or cultural features within the district
  • Whether, and to what extent, the preservation of particular natural or historic or cultural features might be prejudicially affected if rates remission is not granted in respect of the land on which they are situated
  • Whether, and to what extent, preservation of particular natural or historic or cultural features are likely to be encouraged by the granting of rates remission
  • The extent to which the preservation of different types of natural, historic, and cultural features should be recognised by different criteria and conditions for rates remission, and whether different levels of rates remission should apply
  • The extent to which rates remission should be available where the preservation of natural or historic or cultural features does not restrict economic utilisation of the land
  • Anything else we consider relevant.

We may impose special conditions on a property owner when granting relief.

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