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Dunedin City Council – Kaunihera-a-rohe o Otepoti

This chapter summarises the direction for possible future transport investment to deliver the outcomes and support the transport vision for Dunedin. This includes an indicative 10-year programme which sets out provisional timings and cost estimates of a number of key projects that will be taken through a Programme Business Case in order to identify those which will deliver the greatest benefits toward achieving the strategic objectives, outcomes and transport vision.

The DCC is also already undertaking a number of actions that give effect to this Integrated Transport Strategy as part of normal operations. There are also actions being taken forward under other plans and strategies (such as the Social Wellbeing Strategy and the Energy Plan) which play a role in delivering the Integrated Transport Strategy Vision. Many of these actions are being carried out from within existing operational budgets. A list of the most significant of these areas of work is included in Appendix 1.

The NZTA’s Business Case approach

Developing Network Operating Plans

The District Plan Transport Hierarchy

Integrated Transport Strategy Monitoring Plan

Courses of action and possible projects

Priority Projects for a Programme Business Case investigation (Coded for cross-referencing with Appendix 2)

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