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Dunedin City Council – Kaunihera-a-rohe o Otepoti
Traffic lights.

Street signs and markings

Information about road signage for the streets and highways in Dunedin that are the responsibility of the Dunedin City council.

New bus stops, traffic layouts or parking arrangements usually have correct signage installed when they are constructed.

Please contact us or submit a Fix it if you:

  • Think more signs or markings are needed
  • Have noticed incorrect spelling or another flaw
  • Notice a road marking or sign is missing or damaged in some way

Requests for new street signs and markings

Children warning signs

We will only consider the installation of children warning signs if:

  • a DCC traffic engineer’s assessment identifies there is a hazard because of road conditions and the likelihood of many pedestrians younger than 16 using the area and/or
  • parks or recreation reserves with special facilities for children are beside a road with a speed limit above 50km/h.

Horse warning signs

We will only consider the installation of horse warning signs if:

  • a DCC traffic engineer’s assessment identifies there is a hazard because horses with riders are often using the road reserve and areas next to it.

The installation of horse warning signs is generally limited to roads next to locations such as riding stables or pony clubs. Signs are not usually installed on roads used for recreational riding by individuals.

Pedestrian warning signs

We will only consider the installation of pedestrian warning signs if:

  • a DCC traffic engineer’s assessment identifies that the road conditions and the likely presence of many pedestrians creates a hazard.

The key features the engineer will base the assessment on is on sections of road:

  • with a speed limit in excess of 50 km/h
  • that are frequently used by pedestrians
  • where no footpaths are available
  • where pedestrians frequently cross a road and no pedestrian crossing is provided.

If most of the pedestrians are younger than 16, then a children warning sign would be used

Wildlife warning signs

We will only consider the installation of wildlife warning signs if:

  • motorists may encounter wildlife on a section of road next to a recognised wildlife reserve and/or
  • a DCC traffic engineer’s assessment identifies there is a hazard due to wildlife frequently using the road reserve and areas next to it.  We are more likely to install a sign for protected species

Removal of kerbside parking

Requests to have parking removed for safety reasons are assessed by a DCC traffic engineer.

There must be a good reason to remove kerbside parking as there is a high demand for this type of parking in many parts of Dunedin. When parking is removed to maintain safety and access for through traffic, the DCC installs ‘No Stopping’ restrictions. These are made clear by putting signs on poles or marking broken yellow lines on the road.

Traffic calming

We are often contacted by residents concerned about the speed of vehicles in their street, usually requesting that speed humps are installed.

What the public can do

Exceeding the speed limit is a Police enforcement issue. To help the Police identify the offenders, we recommend that, if possible, you record the details of speeding vehicles, the date and time of day and give this information to the Police.

When multiple requests have been received about a particular site and the Police confirm there is a speeding issue, the location is assessed by our traffic engineers.

If, following assessment, the road meets the criteria for traffic calming measures, then it will be added to our road safety improvements register. These safety improvement projects are ranked across the city and programmed accordingly.

Request for a mirror

There are safety issues with the use of mirrors and we will not install a mirror to improve visibility on a corner unless the risk to road users cannot be reduced any other way.

If a mirror is to be located in the road reserve then the proposed installation must be approved by a DCC traffic engineer.   The property owner who requests the mirror must pay for its installation and ongoing maintenance costs.

The DCC will generally not approve new driveways in locations where mirrors are required to provide visibility.

Can we have a sign showing tourists how to get to us?

If you would like to have a tourist sign installed, talk to us about your ideas.

State highway signs and markings

Street name and parking signs along the state highways that run through the city are our responsibility. All other signs on state highways are the responsibility of Transit New Zealand. If you notice a problem with road markings or traffic signs on state highways, please contact New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) directly, their website is linked below in the related information section.

Where do I get a Neighbourhood Support sign?

Neighbourhood Support signs are available from your local Neighbourhood Support office - C/o Dunedin North Police Station, 111 North Road, Dunedin 9010 or by emailing the office on

They will ask for details on where you want them located in your street and arrange for a contractor to hang them for free.

Lost and found road signs

We do not have an amnesty for road cones and signs. Please refer to the owner of signs, which is usually indicated on the back of the sign. If there is no indication of who owns the sign, contact us.

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