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Current notified applications

This page contains the notified resource consent applications for which submissions are currently being accepted for.

There are no current notified resource consent applications.

Making a submission

IMPORTANT: You can make a submission on any of the current resource consent applications by using the online submission form or the downloadable pdf listed in the application notice, or in writing to Dunedin City Council at PO Box 5045, Moray Place, Dunedin, 9058, Attn: City Planning, no later than 12:00 pm (midnight) on the closing date shown.

Privacy: Please note that submissions are public. Your name and submission will be included in papers that are available to the media and the public, including publication on the Council website. Your submission will only be used for the purpose of the notified resource consent process.

Altering or Withdrawing a submission If you wish to alter or withdraw your submission please contact planning@dcc.govt quoting your name, submission reference number and the application number your submission relates to, and provide any relevant details on the action you are wanting to take.

Notified resource consent applications - pending

Name of resource consent application Submissions closed
R D & C J Frew (256 Blueskin Road - SUB-2018-131 & LUC-2018-680 - subdivide into 6 lots) 28/02/2019
J J Limited (257 Gordon Road - SUB-2018-139 & LUC-2018-711 - subdivide into 2 lots) 25/02/2019
G P & M C Terpstra (69 Royal Terrace - LUC-2018-728) 15/03/2019
R Logan (77 Chain Hills Road Taieri - SUB-2018-122 & LUC-2018-642 - subdivide into 10 lots) 14/02/2019
Dunedin Residential Developments Limited (15 Russell Street - LUC-2018-555) 13/03/2019
K M Ryan (8 Scotia Street - LUC-2018-739 - remove 20 Eucalyptus trees (Eucalyptus globulus) out of a group of trees ) 08/02/2019
F B G Developments Limited (43 Watts Road - SUB-2017-29 & LUC-2017-170 - 9-Lot subdivision of the slopes above the former Palmers Quarry) 07/12/2018
SKW Laing and J Cazemier (87 & 91 Cargill Street - LUC-2018-531 - redevelop the two subject sites with six residential units) 03/12/2018
Otago Boys High School Hostel (17 & 17A Melrose Street - LUC-2018-428 - establish a car park and recreation area) 28/11/2018
B C Alexander and M A Wilkinson (46 District Road - SUB-2018-67 & LUC-2018-357 - 2-lot subdivision ) 19/10/2018
D K Hollebon (8 Pitt Street - LUC-2017-655 - establish 4x5 bedroom residential units) 21/03/2018

Appealed Notified resource consent applications

Name of resource consent application Appeal Status
K D & B G Hill (27 Cranston Street - LUC-2018-387 - application to remove a significant tree (Lime) T358) Pending
Balmoral Developments (Outram) Ltd (94 Holyhead Street - SUB-2017-49 & LUC-2017-255 - subdivide into 15 residential lots) Completed
The Peninsula Holding Trust (78 Cape Saunders Road - SUB-2016-58 & LUC-2016-336 - subdivide into 11 lots) Pending
RPR Properties Ltd (35, 41, 43, 47 and 49 Dalziel Road - SUB-2015-54 & LUC-2015-291 - subdivide into 34 residential lots) Pending

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