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Neighbourhood matching grant

Neighbourhood Matching Grant is available for activities and projects that seek to bring the community together.

A total of $10,000 is available for Neighbourhood Matching Grants.  The grant requires the neighbourhood/community to provide 50% of the 'investment' required for the project.  Investment can be your time, donated goods or any funds you have to contribute.  The remaining 50% can be matched by a grant up to $500.  The fund is designed for informal neighbourhood groups.  They do not need to have accounts or a separate bank account.  Payment will be in the form of a work order which your group can use to purchase the goods or services.

Communities and neighbourhoods are eligible to apply for funding to support an activity that will enhance their community.

The activities and projects may include:

  • Aesthetic (i.e. trees, benches, parks).
  • Providing a local service in the community (i.e. holiday craft programme for neighbourhood children).
  • An activity which brings the community together (i.e. development of a community garden, hosting of a street event).
  • Communities will only be permitted to make a maximum of two applications per year.
  • Matching by the community is defined as voluntary labour at the minimum wage and goods at cost price.
  • Expenditure returns and comment on outcomes are due from those receiving funding either directly after the event or within three months of completion.
  • We will not fund Alcohol, Fundraisers, Costumes, Religious or Political Events, Travel.

Neighbourhood Matching Grant applications are assessed by a Community Advisor and approved by the Chair of the Grants Subcommittee. The grant is open for applications all year and will take a minimum of five working days to process.

We strongly advise you to talk to a Community Advisor before making an application on 03 477 4000.

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