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Food grading system

This survey provided guidance to Council on whether the food grading system should continue in Dunedin.

There were 384 responses to this survey.

  • Almost all respondents (98%) think the DCC should continue to grade food premises.
  • Almost all respondents (99%) think food safety grades should continue to be displayed where customers can see them.
  • Most respondents (90%) think food premises should be able to request a re-grade inspection before their next annual visit.
  • The majority of respondents (88%) agree that a nationally consistent grading system would be better than having different systems throughout the country as is currently the case.
  • Sixty-one respondents commented that the grading system/grading display works well and that they use it.
  • Twelve respondents commented on the benefits of a national grading system, some suggesting that Dunedin’s grading system could be used as a basis.
  • Nine respondents suggested unannounced grading visits of premises would encourage good practice at all times.
  • Eight suggested mandatory display of certificates at the entrance to premises.
  • Eight suggested having more information publicly available on the grading criteria, premises grades, and the grading system, including how to make concerns known.

The People’s Panel findings will be reported to Council for their consideration as part of the food grading system review. Council will decide whether to adopt a draft food grading policy andbylaw.

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