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Information on payment methods to pay your rates account.

There are several ways to pay your rates account. They include:

  • By cheque in the mail
  • By EFTPOS, cash or cheque at a Customer Services Centre or Post Shop
  • Telebanking
  • Direct credit and internet banking
  • Direct debit

It is up to you to monitor your account balance and ensure there are sufficient funds to cover your payment. Penalties will apply if the account is not paid on time.


Most banks are set up for this and know our bank account number and the required format for information. If your bank does not hold our bank account, they are listed below.

Tell your bank the amount you want to pay on, or before, the penalty date shown on your current instalment notice.

Telebanking transactions are processed within 48 hours. If your payment does not show up on your statement, contact us as soon as you can.

If you have any problems, let us know.

Internet banking

To pay your rates account, please use these bank details:

Account number 03 0905 0184000 05
ParticularsEnter rates assessment number from your rate account
ReferenceEnter rates assessment number from your rate account

Direct debit

Direct debits are our preferred method of account payment. If you set up a direct debit, it means that we will make sure your account is paid on time and in full and you can be confident you won’t incur penalties - even if you’re away!

Instructions on how to set up and manage a direct debit are on the Paying by direct debit page.

Changing your rates and water account payments

If you move properties, and you pay via telebanking, internet banking or direct credit, you need to contact your bank and make sure that the bank has your new rate reference number(s) as this refers to a property, not a person.

If this information is not updated, payments will continue to be credited to your old property rather than your new property. We take no responsibility for payments credited to rate accounts in error.

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