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Circular Economy - Ōhanga āmiomio

There’s no such thing as rubbish. A path to zero waste

The DCC has a zero waste vision for the city; encouraging and supporting a circular economy would help this become a reality.

In a circular economy, everything people use to live, work and play is designed to be reused, repaired, or safely returned to the environment, so the materials they are made of are never wasted. Simply put, there’s no such thing as rubbish in a circular economy.

At the moment most of the things we use to live, work and play are part of a traditional linear economy, i.e. they are made from natural resources, used and then disposed of, usually to a landfill.

To become more sustainable, we have introduced aspects of a recycling economy, where a number of products can be reused, such as some plastics, metal, paper, glass and garden waste. But many products are still going to landfill and some emit carbon as they decompose.

Products in circular economies are designed so that they can be reused or returned to nature in an eco-friendly way, providing opportunities for cost savings, technological innovation, employment and an improved environment.

For more information about circular economy thinking and activities in both an Aotearoa New Zealand and an international context see the Ministry for the Environment Circular Economy website in the related information section.

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