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Browse all notified consent decisions. The Notified consent publishing requirements changed on 3 March 2015.

Notified consents

The Notified consents in this listing were applied for after 3 March 2015, when new legislation came into effect. The consents listed will display all information and documents associated with the consent processing.

28 Shandon Road - LUC-2018-546 - construct a car port


261 Tomahawk Road - LUC-2018-219 - Rural tourist activity

Granted - establish a rural function centre

35 & 35A Musselburgh Rise - SUB-2018-84 & LUC-2018-419 - subdivision consent to create 3 lots & land use consent for residential activities

Granted - 3 lot subdivision, authorise 2 existing units and a new residential unit

90 Orokonoui Road - SUB-2018-63 & LUC-2018-347 - Subdivision & residential activity

Granted - staged subdivision into 11 residential lots and associated land use activities

125 Balmacewen Road - LUC-2018-315 - commercial hire of a licensed premise

Granted - authorise the use of the existing golf club facility as a licensed premises for private functions, conferences and events

27 Falkland Street - LUC-2018-367 - Remove Significant Tree (Cedar) listed as Tree T442

Granted - remove significant tree T422

62 Chambers Street - LUC-2018-295 - Significant Tree

Granted - remove a scheduled tree

53 Nicholls Road - LUC-2018-208 - Significant tree

Declined - remove a scheduled tree but granted consent to the pruning of deadwood

5 Clark Street - LUC-2017-561 - establish a 7 bedroom apartment and reconfigure existing apartments

Granted - establish a 7 bedroom apartment on the ground floor and reconfigure the 3 apartments on the first floor to create 1 additional habitable room

57 - 63 Albertson Avenue - SUB-2017-101 - subdivision into 2 lots

Granted - subdivision of land and the continuation of the existing residential activity

496 Taieri Road - LUC-2017-527 - remove a scheduled tree

Granted - remove an Ash Tree from a group of scheduled trees (G096)

34 Gorman Street - SUB-2017-74, LUC-2017-407, LUC-2017-548 & LUC-2017-555 - subdivision

Declined - subdivision into 3 lots

119 Edinburgh Street & 20 Rothesay Street - SUB-2017-90, LUC-2017-477 & LUC-2017-506 - subdivide and establish a new dwelling

Granted - subdivision of land and associated land use consent for the existing and proposed residential activity

401, 402 & 403 High Street - LUC-2017-418 - establish a community support activity

Granted - non-complying activity in the second residential unit in the existing house of 402 High Street, earthworks and the disturbance of soils on 403 High Street, establishment of a community support activity in a new building on 403 High Street, and the existing community support activity of 401 High Street

139 Portobello Road - LUC-2017-408 - establish a tourism business

Granted - establish and operate a recreational tourism activity

70-76 Gordon Road - LUC-2017-319 - redevelop the existing BP service station and expand onto the adjoining site

Granted - redevelopment of the existing BP service station and expansion into the adjoining site, for the construction and operation of new service station buildings, facilities and signage over the combined sites

1069 and 1075 Highcliff Road - LUC-2017-401, LUC-2017-402 and S240-2017-1 - establish a new dwelling

Declined - establish a new dwelling and associated residential activity at 1069 Highcliff Road, and to authorise the continuation of the existing residential activity at 1075 Highcliff Road, as a separately owned site.

8 Michie Street - LUC-2017-372 - remove a scheduled tree

Granted - remove a scheduled Silver Birch Tree (T790)

5 Blundell Street - LUC-2017-266 - remove a scheduled tree

Granted - remove a Douglas Fir (T207)

735 Great King Street - LUC-2017-218 - operate a commercial activity

Granted - establish and operate a commercial activity and licensed premises (Indian restaurant)

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Notified consents 2015

Notified consents for 2015 and prior were issued under the previous legislation.

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