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Dunedin City Council – Kaunihera-a-rohe o Otepoti

This database is for those who want to find information on anyone buried at any Dunedin City cemetery.

Genealogy and Grave Location Enquiries

Photos of headstones in all cemeteries except Northern have been photographed and included up to 2015, and have been added to the website, as a project carried out by the Historic Cemeteries Conservation Trust of NZ.

Search Cemeteries Database

How to use this search form

  • You must enter a surname. This can be entered in full in upper or lower case, or you can use wildcards (see below).
  • Leaving the forename and year of death range blank will return a summary of all burials of people matching that surname.
  • Using the forename and/or year of death range will narrow the search down.
  • In the forename box you may enter the first initial or first few characters of the first name.
  • Wildcards can be used in the surname or forename to replace any number of characters (using * or %), or a single character (using _).
    Examples (for surname use):
    • jo*on* returns records for johnson, johnston, johnstone, johanson, etc
    • mart_n returns records for marten, martin, marton, etc
    • %smith% returns records for smith, goldsmith, smither, digby-smith, smith-digby, etc
    • garr* returns records for garr, garret, garrett, garratt, etc
  • If using wildcards in the surname, a minimum of three non-wildcard characters must also be used.

Accuracy of records

We try to ensure the accuracy of these records, but mistakes may have occurred in the gathering of the information or in the conversion of the data into this format. The database is updated approximately every month. All the historical records and information about Dunedin’s cemeteries are stored at the Andersons Bay Cemetery and Crematorium. We can help with genealogical and grave location enquiries about any of the cemeteries from this office.

To ensure accuracy, you can cross-reference this information with other sources, such as:
Inscriptions on headstones
Original burial records
Funeral Directors’ records
Newspaper death notices
Electoral Rolls
Records of transcriptions compiled by the NZ Society of Genealogists
Dunedin City Council Archives.

Photographs of headstones

Photographs of headstones from locations below are available:

  • Waikouaiti
  • Waitati
  • Purakaunui
  • Broad Bay
  • Macandrew Bay
  • Portobello
  • Hindon
  • Middlemarch
  • Allanton
  • Otokia
  • Anderson's Bay (progressing 85%)

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