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Information for managers of licensed premises

The licensee must advise the District Licencing (DLC) and Police within two working days of the appointment or cancellation or termination of a manager, temporary manager or acting manager.

Types of manager

There are three types of manager. In most cases he or she will need to hold a current managers' certificate.


A manager holds Managers' Certificate issued pursuant to the Act. They have a variety of statutory powers and obligations.

A manager must be on duty at all times when alcohol is being sold from a licensed premises. He or she is responsible for compliance with the Act and the conditions of the licence. The manager must also have his or her name prominently displayed inside the premises at all times while on duty.

Temporary Manager

A temporary manager can be appointed if a manager is ill or absent for any reason or is dismissed, or resigns. The licensee may appoint a person who is not the holder of a manager's certificate as a temporary manager.

The person appointed as a temporary manager must apply for a managers' certificate within 2 working days. He or she may then continue as a temporary manager until the application for a managers' certificate is determined.

Acting Manager

The licensee can appoint someone who does not hold a managers' certificate as an acting manager for any period not exceeding three weeks at any one time.

Acting managers cannot be appointed at a premises for more than 6 weeks in total in a 12-month period.

Notification of change of manager

The Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act requires licensees to notify the DLC and Police in the appropriate district of any changes of manager including any appointments of temporary or acting managers. If the appointee is deemed unsuitable the DLC may terminate the appointment on application of the Police or Licensing Inspector.

Applying for your managers' certificate

All applicants must be at least 20 years of age and it is expected that he/she will have a minimum 6 months experience working in the style of premises for which the certificate is being sought.

When you have completed the application form it will need to be submitted to the District Licensing Committee (DLC). It is important to complete the application form fully and include:

  • proof of having passed the Licence Controller Qualification (LCQ)
  • employment and general character references (not being the same person)
  • details of any convictions you may have.
LCQ course providers Website address/phone number
The Learning Place (link to external website, new window)
0800 800 415
Otago Polytechnic (link to external website, new window)
0800 765 9276
Tree House (link to external website, new window)
0800 50 TREE

What happens next?

The application will be sent to the Licensing Inspector and Police who will consider:

  • your character and reputation
  • any criminal convictions
  • experience, particularly recent, in the control of a licensed premises
  • training, in particular recent training that the applicant has undertaken.

If there are no objections from the inspector or the police and we are satisfied that you meet the above criteria, your manager’s certificate will be issued by the District Licensing Committee.

If there are any matters raised in opposition by the Licensing Inspector or Police the application will be determined by the DLC after a hearing where all parties have an opportunity to put their case to the Committee.

Renewing a managers' certificate

A managers' certificate is initially issued for a 12-month period and is then usually renewed every three years thereafter. We will send you a renewal application form a month before the expiry of the certificate to remind you that it is due to expire. It is your responsibility to ensure  that your renewal application is lodged in time.

To ensure you receive any notice relating to your certificate it is very important that you advise the Council of any change of address.

The application is referred to the licensing inspector and police and if there are no matters raised in opposition the certificate will be renewed by the DLC. If there are any matters raised in opposition the DLC will consider the renewal application at a hearing.

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